9th Annual Student Alumni Networking Night

 The 9th Annual Student Alumni Networking Dinner will be on Thursday, April 6th, from 5:30-8:15pm in the Lake Mendota room in Dejope Hall.  This year we have 25 alumni from a variety of career fields (medical, clinical, counseling, human resources, social work, event management, law, etc).  This is a great opportunity to talk with people in fields you may be interested in, or fields you haven’t thought about but might make sense for you!  At this year’s dinner, students will meet with alumni at 3 different tables (1-2 alumni at each table) for roughly 30-40 minutes each.  This allows you to hear information from them, and ask general or specific questions you may have.  There will also be two break times in which you could speak with someone you are not assigned to meet with.  A buffet dinner will be provided, including beverages and dessert.


We want this event to be as beneficial to you as possible.  In order to accomplish this, we have you rank the alumni in order of who you would be most interested in meeting with.  Last year I was able to have everyone meet with their first choice, and I anticipate being able to accommodate students again this year with their first choice, and if not first, their second.  In the registration link you will be asked to rank the alumni- please take a look at the full bios linked on the registration form. 


To register, click HERE


Due to the nature of this event, there is a $5 fee for students attending that will be due Tuesday, April 4th


The Student Alumni dinner is open to all Psychology majors from their first year to their last semester.  We ask that students dress business casual for the event.


Again, to register for this event go to:



Some notes on past dinners:

Over 95% of students stated they learned something new.


Almost ALL students received contact information from an alumnus at the event. 


This event has led to informal networking, development of an internship, job leads for students’ post-graduation, and further career exploration for attendees.


Some quotes from previous student attendees:

“This was a great event. I was very nervous to attend, as I've never gone to a networking dinner before, but cannot emphasize how much it was worth it. The group setting was very low-stress and enjoyable, and I learned a lot from the people I sat with. I am definitely planning on going next year and the following. Thanks again!”


“The women I met with […] ranged in ages and experience which was very beneficial! They were all open to sharing their experiences and answering questions in ways that I could apply them to my future plans.”


“…Overall, orchestrated extremely well, and I found this dinner to be one of my best experiences at UW-Madison.”