All News Items

  1. Professor Richie Davidson Elected to National Academy of Medicine

  2. Jason Samaha of the Postle Lab Wins Award

  3. Bryan's Aspiring Psychology Students Award Reception

  4. Professor Seidenberg's New Book is Well Received

  5. Professor Martha Alibali Receives UW Award

  6. Professor Craig Berridge Receives UW Award

  7. Finola Kane-Grade Receives L&S Dean's Prize

  8. Shawn Green Receives Award from the Office of Naval Research

  9. In Memoriam: Professor Len Berkowitz

  10. Student goes from homelessness to graduating with a Psychology major

  11. Goldsmith receives the Dobzhansky Lifetime Achievement Award

  12. Jenny Saffran elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences

  13. Clarke and Zettersten awarded NSF Fellowships

  14. Patricia Devine Honored

    Professor Devine has been selected to receive the 2014 Thomas M. Ostrom Award.
  15. Yuri Saalmann Receives Award

    Yuri Saalmann receives a Young Investigator Award.

  16. Chuck Snowdon Honored

    Chuck Snowdon will receive the Distinguished Primatologist Award.

  17. David Devilbiss to present at the TedMed Hive Conference

    David Devilbiss and his team have been selected to participate in the TedMed Hive conference in San Francisco.
  18. Janet Hyde Honored

    Janet Hyde has been recognized by the APA as a Distinguished Leader for Women in Psychology.

  19. The Psychology Peer Mentor Program Wants You!

  20. Connect with the Psychology Department on Social Media

  21. Want To Join The Psychology Club?

  22. Abramson Honored

    Lyn Abramson has been selected as a recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies.
  23. Gernsbacher Honored

  24. Psychology Department Highly Ranked

  25. Hyde Honored

    Janet Hyde has been awarded the Evjue Bascom Professorship.
  26. MacDonald Honored

    Maryellen MacDonald has been awarded a Distinguished Honors Faculty Award.
  27. Professor honored with university award

    Carol Ryff has been selected for a Hilldale Professorship.