Current Research Assistants


Joshua Deitte

Joshua is a junior double majoring in psychology and legal studies. He is interested in the role of social interactions on motivating/affecting one’s actions. After graduation he would like to go on to graduate school and potentially get a Psy.D in clinical psychology. His hobbies include sports, video games, traveling, and living with an active lifestyle.

JonathanJonathan Godinez

Jonathan is a Junior who is majoring in Psychology with a certificate in Entrepreneurship. He plans on going to graduate school to learn more about different realms of psychology, especially neurological and social. He enjoys learning about why people are the way they are, and being able to help them apply meaning to their lives and empower them whenever possible. On campus, he is a Powers-Knapp Scholar, in Psychology Club, Latinx Badgers, Badger SPILL, and the Latinx Student Union. During his leisure, he enjoys reading philosophy, lifting weights, discovering new music, and hanging out with friends.

JennaJenna Goldstein

Jenna is a senior majoring in Psychology. She is interested in developmental and social psychology and hopes to work with kids in the future. She plans on pursuing a Master’s degree in Social Work or a PhD in clinical psychology. Jenna spent her second semester of junior year in Copenhagen, Denmark and hopes to take a break after college to travel more. She loves music, her dog and anything fashion related.

14329264_1187018718026211_1904053259_oAndy Hung

Andy is a senior majoring in Psychology and Neurobiology. He is interested in studying social and clinical psychology and hopes to go to graduate school to continue studying clinical psychology. He enjoys baking, playing tennis, watching sports, playing video games, and spending time with friends.

Wenqi Li

Wenqi is a Junior majoring in Psychology and Classical Humanities, with a certificate in Criminal Justice. Wenqi is really interested in rehabilitation and working with people related to the system in the future. She hopes to continue into graduate school and become a therapist from there. She enjoys drawing and exploring nature.

img_20160916_154801Jake Lundy

Jake is a junior majoring in Psychology and Sociology. He is interested in social norm research, social reform, and exploring the relationships between the structural problems of society, and how they influence the individual. In his free time, he likes to write, watch movies, and bike along the lake.

20160909_222027Janiece Piolet

Janiece is a sophomore double majoring in Psychology and Sociology. She is interested in how cognitive psychological processes and social identity affect sense of belonging and group inclusion. In her future, Janiece plans to continue on to graduate school to study either organizational psychology or post-secondary education. In her spare time, Janiece enjoys gardening, attending live jazz performances, discussing social justice, and being among nature.

jenJennifer Terrell

Jen is a junior majoring in psychology and getting a certificate in global health. After graduation she is taking a gap year to have some fun and then hopes to pursue a career in medicine and implement skills she learns from this lab to promote diversity and the diminishment of stereotypes in her professional environment. She is very excited to be involved with this lab for the next  semester up until she travels abroad to Barcelona, Spain. In her free time she enjoys spending time with her friends, eating Thai food, watching movies, going to concerts, binging tv shows, and singing along to almost any song despite her lack of singing ability.

samSamuel Vincent

Sam is a Junior majoring in Psychology and  Philosophy. He is interested in research involving how social interactions affect a person’s beliefs, thoughts, and actions. His plans after graduation are to go to graduate school and possibly join the peace corps. His hobbies include playing sports, being with friends, and watching movies.

Lorraine Wang

Lorraine is a junior majoring in psychology and economics. She is interested in studying cultural diversity, the relationship between social interaction and prejudice, and how cultural background influences and shapes people’s personality. After graduation, she would like to go to graduate school and continue her study in the field of social psychology or clinical psychology. She loves music, photography, and traveling.