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    Wen Li

     Lab Director

    Assistant Professor

    Ph.D. 2004, Northwestern




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Phone: (608) 890-1685
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Ana Rita Farias   Post-doctoral fellow

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  Research Interests: Currently I am finishing my PhD in Psychology. The   main topic of my research work is the spatial grounding of abstract   concepts. Specifically my work explores how political concepts are   grounded on a horizontal spatial dimension and how this spatial   grounding influences perception, attitudes and behavior towards   political messages and/or political actors. Additionally, I am also   interested in the idea that chemical signals play an important role in affecting   interspecies behavioral responses, namely, whether the inhalation of chemo signals   mitted by another person during an emotional state induced the same state in the   inhaler.

  Personal Interests: Graphic design, music...


Zijun Ke   Post-doctoral fellow

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  Research Interests: My research interests lie in the field of dynamic   factor analysis and longitudinal data analysis. Substantively, I am also   interested in the analysis of neuroimaging data.I would like to learn how   statistical models and quantitative methods help researchers decode   brain activity.


Lucas Novak   Individual Graduate Major

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  Research Interests: Would like to learn more about the effects of   anxiety and depression on cognition, as well as learn more about the   olfactory system and improve on the presentation of odor stimuli.

  Personal Interests: Psychology (especially behavioral abnormalities,   cognitive and perceptual psych, and social psych), Medicine (especially   neural medical sciences and pathology), and GOLFING.


Jaryd Hiser   Clinical Psychology Graduate Student

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  Research Interests: I am interested in using fMRI and EEG methodology   as a means to determine how multimodal stimuli are represented and   encoded in the brain. I am also interested in learning how emotion (fear,   disgust, etc.) can change this process at a very early level.

  Personal Interests: Golf, Music, and most of all the Cubs (Go Cubs Go!)


Yuqi You   Clinical Psychology Graduate Student

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  Research Interests: I’m interested in both positive and negative   dimensions of affect, as well as the cognitive, neural, and biological   correlates associated with each dimension; I believe that research on   positive and negative affect could potentially reveal shared/distinct   neural mechanisms ranging from a perceptual level to an experiential   level. My clinical interest would be to understand the neuroscience   underlying the pathology of anxiety and other mood disorders.

  Personal Interests: Explore the nature, science fiction, visual arts, dance, grocery   shopping ...


 Yan Zheng   Lab Technician

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  Research Interests: I would like to learn more about the Cognition-   Emotion  Interactions in Anxiety. Specifically, I'm interested in how   visuo-olfactory integration would facilitate threat perception when   individual sensory input is weak.

  Personal Interests: Gardening, visual art, web design, music...


You   Undergrads, Graduate Students, Postdoc Fellows

Lucas  Research Interests: I’m interested in joining the CANLab.

  Personal Interests: We are going to explore together!   

  We have plenty of opportunities!


 Undergraduate Researchers 

Danielle Mccole;  Kyle Ferris;  Kyle Krueger;  Liao Yihan;  Mike Wedoff;  Rachel Berger;



 CANLab Alumni   Previous CANLabers

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Alex Quilling - Medical Degree student, Medical School, Universtiy of Wisconsin-Madison

An-Chieh Chang - Doctoral Student, Dept. of Communicative Disorders, UW-Madison

Ariana Stickel - Doctoral Student, Clinical Psychology, University of Arizona

David Rozek - Doctoral Student, Clinical Psychology, University of Notre Dame

Elizabeth Krusemark- Post-Doctoral Fellow, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Hallie Strauss- Doctoral Student, Clinical Psychology, The George Washington University

Maria Mens - Doctoral Student, Psychology, Carnegie Mellon

Nina Mallory - Doctoral Student, Counseling, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater

Robert McCaffrey - Doctoral Student, Kinesiology, McMaster University

Stacy Lorenz - Doctoral Student, Clinical Psychology, Xavier University

Wanting Zhong - Doctoral Student, Interdepartmental Neuroscience, Northwestern University




Department of Psychology University of Wisconsin-Madison

1202 West Johnson Street, Madison, WI 53706-1969 Phone: (608) 890-1685