Upcoming Courses


Course:  Instructor: 
 610: Stats Analysis of Psych Experiments (required for all first year students)  John Curtin
 711: Current Topics in Psych: Dynamic System Applications  Vanessa Simmering
 740/741: Clinical Assessment: Adult Psychopathology   Lyn Abramson
 806: Foundations of Research in Clinical Psychology
 Lyn Abramson
 810: Clinical Supervision I  Linnea Burk
 841: Computational Cognitive Science  Joe Austerweil
 918: Seminar in Psychology: Topics in Perception  Bas Rokers
 930: Seminar in Social Psychology: Culture and Cognition  Yuri Miyamoto



 Course:  Instructor: 
 711: Current Topics in Psych: Programming and Automation Techniques  Gary Lupyan
 711: Current Topics in Psych: Language Comprehension  Maryellen MacDonald
 711: Current Topics in Psych: Emotion Symposium  Richie Davidson
 711: Current Topics in Psych: Information Visualization  Karen Schloss
 711: Current Topics in Psych: TBA  Martha Alibali
 740: Clinical Assessment: Child Psychopathology  Seth Pollak
 800: Cognitive Assessment  Linnea Burk
 802: Assessment of Personality and Pathology  Linnea Burk
 814: Clinical Supervision II  Linnea Burk
 930: Seminar - Social Psychology: Achievement Motivation  Judy Harackiewicz