Schedules of Reinforcement

Instructions. Identify the reinforcement schedule illustrated in the following examples by placing the appropriate abbreviation in the blank next to the item. Use the following code:
Fixed Ratio (FR) Variable Ratio (VR) Fixed Interval (FI) Variable Interval (VI)

  1. Getting a paycheck every other week
  2. Pop quizzes
  3. Slot machines at gambling casinos
  4. Calling the mechanic to find out if your car is fixed yet
  5. A factory worker who is paid on piece work
  6. Fly fishing: casting and reeling back several times before catching a fish
  7. Looking at your watch during a lecture until the end of the lecture
  8. A salesperson who gets paid on commission
  9. Calling a friend and getting a busy signal because he or she is frequently on the phone
  10. Signaling with your thumb while hitchhiking
  11. Frequent flyer program: rewards after flying X amount of miles
  12. Collecting bottles, cans, or other recyclables for cash
  13. An athlete's contract specifies salary increases to be renegotiated every three years
  14. Buying lottery tickets
  15. A person refrains from drugs for fear of random drug testing
  16. Checking the refrigerator to see if the JELL-0 is ready
  17. Watching for shooting stars
  18. Checking the mail, assuming the mail carrier comes at the same time every day
  19. Check email
  20. Playing Bingo