Joint Peri-Stimulus Time Histogram
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Laboratory of Neurophysiological Modulation and Behavior

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Our interests are to understand the modulation of individual neurons and distributed neural coding and its relation to cognitive and behavioral changes.  These interactions are studied for both the rodent vibrissa somatosensory system and the frontostriatal system using a variety of pharmacological, brain stimulation, and behavioral techniques.  Our currently active projects are listed below:

Laboratory of Neurophysiological Modulation and Behavior   1202 W.Johnson St. Madison WI, 53705       608.265.8722       Solve This
Research Approaches
  • Locus Coeruleus / Norepinephrine Modulaton of Somatosensory Signaling
  • Neurocomputations Involved in Fronto-Striatal Dependent Cognitive Function
  • Neural Mechanisms Responsible for the Cognition-Enhancing Effects of Methylphenidate (Ritalin)
  • Neural Mechanisms Underlying Stress-Related Behavioral Changes
  • Multi-Channel Recordings (Electrophysiology)
  • Intra-Tissue Infusions
  • Behavior
    • Rodent Tests of Working Memory
    • Conditioned Evoked Response Tasks
  • Computational Neuroscience
    • Multivariate Statistical Models

Example recordings From Rodent Somatosensory System