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Brooke Wilken

Doctoral Candidate
Ph.D. Expected 2013, Social Psychology, UW Madison
M.S. 2008, Social Psychology, UW Madison
B.S. 2003, Psychology and Languages, UC Riverside

Area: Social
Advisor: Dr. Yuri Miyamoto

I am a sixth-year doctoral candidate being advised by Dr. Yuri Miyamoto in the Culture and Cognition Lab here at the University of Wisconsin -Madison. Primarily, I am interested in how East-West cultures and religions shape the ways in which individuals regulate and experience emotions, and what effects this may have on their mental health.

Specifically, in one line of research, I am investigating the influence that cultural differences in attention may have on the experience of dialectical emotions.

In another line of research, I am examining East-West religious differences in emotion regulation, as well as their underlying causes and mental health consequences.

Finally, in a third line of research, I am collaborating with my advisor and with Drs. Lyn Abramson and Richard Davidson here at UW to explore how CBT and Buddhist mindfulness meditation treatments for mental health may be integrated from a cultural psychological approach.

In future research, I plan to continue integrating social and clinical approaches to find out exactly how East-West cultures and religions shape the ways in which individuals experience and regulate their emotions.


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Office: 281 Psychology

1202 WEST JOHNSON ST, MADISON, WI 53706-1611 OFFICE: (608) 262.1041 or (608) 262.1040 FAX: (608) 262.4029