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    Consideration for admission to our department is highly competitive. We receive approximately 350 applications each year and less than 10% of those are admitted to our program. Applicant and Admissions Statistics provides information about students admitted into our graduate program in four different years.

    Applicants are selected for admission into our program by an individual faculty member or by an area group (i.e. a group of faculty members associated with a major area of concentration) and not by the department as a whole, nor by an Admissions Committee. Because these programs tend to be small, they may not admit students in a particular year. Applicants interested in a particular program or working with a particular faculty member may check the Unavailable Faculty page or individual faculty to determine if admissions are likely for that year.

    Each faculty member and area group gives preference to applicants who have a high potential for success in graduate school and who also share research interests with the prospective faculty sponsor. You should consider carefully the description of our faculty research interests, read several of their publications and consult with faculty and advisors at your undergraduate institution before applying to our program. Whereas most of our applicants have majored in psychology, we give full consideration to applicants with undergraduate majors in other relevant areas.

    Given our commitment to students, we take seriously our responsibility when admitting an applicant. We consider every piece of information carefully. Students are selected on the basis of their record of academic achievement, GRE scores, letters of recommendation, evidence of motivation to do research, as well as, fit between faculty and student research interests. 

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