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Application Process

    To apply to the program, you must submit materials to both the Graduate School and the Department of Psychology. An outline detailing the components of a completed application is provided below, along with instructions for completing each aspect of the application for both the Graduate School and the Department of Psychology. If you have any questions about this process or need further assistance, please contact

Graduate School 
  1. Complete the Graduate School Application, only available online.
  2. Submit a $56 nonrefundable application fee to the Graduate School. Fee is payable by credit card (Mastercard or Visa) or debit card through the electronic application; personal check or money order, drawn on a U.S. bank, can be sent through the mail. Do not send cash.
Send checks or money orders to:
Office of Graduate Admissions
228 Bascom Hall, 500 Lincoln Drive
Madison, WI 53706-1380
Department of Psychology

  • The application deadline for students applying for the fall 2009 semester is December 15, 2008. We strongly urge you to have your complete application, including transcripts, GRE scores, letters of recommendation, and your personal statement, to us by this date, especially if you wish to be considered for fellowship, financial, or assistantship support. 
  • Please send all materials listed below, that are not electronic, to:
                     Department of Psychology
                     Graduate Admissions
                     1202 West Johnson Street
                     Madison, WI 53706
  1. Complete the Department of Psychology's Supplemental Application
  2. Send two sets of official transcripts:
    1. From each college or university you have attended as an undergraduate or graduate student

    2. Each set of transcripts must be enclosed in a separate envelope, labeled as “University of [X], BS transcript #1”, “University of [X], BS transcript #2”, “University of [Y], MS transcript #1”, etc.

  3. Send Graduate Record Exam Scores
    1. Institution Code: 1846
  4. Three letters of recommendation
    1. A minimum of three letters of recommendation are required and are read very carefully. More than three letters may be submitted. 
    2. Good letters in favor of the applicant are essential and should be provided by faculty who know you fairly well. These letters should provide information that will help us evaluate your potential for graduate work beyond that revealed by GPA and GRE scores. For example, a letter from a professor who writes about your unique skills, research abilities and motivation is more influential than a letter from a professor who says that you received an "A" in his/her class and were very pleasant. Thus, letters of recommendation from faculty you have worked with on a research project or senior thesis carry more weight in making a decision to admit a student.
    3. Letters of recommendation must be submitted electronically. The instructions for submitting  electronic letters of recommendation can be found here.
  5. Send Personal Statement
    1. In addition to letters of recommendation, grades and graduate record examination scores, the faculty also attend carefully to your personal statement. 
    2. The personal statement is a place for you to communicate your motives for attending graduate school, what your future goals are and why you think the University of Wisconsin is the best place for the training that will help you meet your goals. 
    3. Be sure to tell us in your personal statement if you have prior research experience, and tell us about your role in that research. Undergraduate research experience is highly valued in an applicant to our program and greatly enhances your chances of admission. Such research experience provides an opportunity to discover whether research is of interest to you and provides evidence of your motivation and ability to do research.
  6. Recommendations 
    1. We strongly recommend that applicants take the Psychology Subject Test of the GRE. Alternatively, applicants should take the subject test of the GRE most closely related to the applicant's undergraduate major.
    2. The SPEAK test is required for international students applying for a teaching assistantship.
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