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About the Clinic

The Psychology Research and Training Clinic has been in existence for more than thirty years and has established a reputation for quality service. The success of the clinic is the result of both the ongoing training in advanced treatment methods as well as the extensive time dedicated to each case by the therapist of his or her supervisor.

Hours, Location, and Transportation

The Clinic is open from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday through Thursday (other hours available by appointment).  It is located in room 351 of the W.J. Brogden Psychology Building on the University campus at 1202 West Johnson Street.  The Clinic can be reached by several bus lines.  Bus schedules are available at Madison Metro Transit.  Limited parking is available.

Services provided at the Clinic

Inidividual Psychotherapy
Couples psychotherapy
Family psychotherapy
Psychological evaluations
Assessment of learning disorders
Intelligence testing

Types of problems treated at the clinic
Relationship problems
Low Self-esteem
Eating disorders
Body Image Issues
Marital/family difficulties
Childhood/adolescent issues
Substance abuse

Cost of Services
Therapy charges are determined using an affordable sliding scale based on income and psychotherapy services. Therapists are supervised by licensed psychologists.

To obtain psychotherapy services
Call Clinic, (608) 262-5925, to inquire about therapists availability
Schedule intake interview (lasting one to two hours)
Client is matched to a therapist (or is referred to another agency, if indicated)
Client is contacted by the therapist after completion of these steps to set up an appointment for the first therapy session.

Psychology Clinic Staff

Michael N. Sweetnam, Ph.D.
Clinic Director
(608) 262-5925
Lea Aschkenase, Ph.D.
Clinic Coordinator
(608) 262-6352
Diane Blumer
Clinic Administrator

(608) 262-5925
Andrew Katz
Clinic Teaching Assistant
(608) 262-5925

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1202 WEST JOHNSON ST, MADISON, WI 53706-1611 OFFICE: (608) 262.1040 or (608) 262.1041 FAX: (608) 262.4029