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Postdoctoral Program in Clinical Psychology

The Clinical Training Program at the University of Wisconsin has developed a special curriculum for training postdoctoral students in exceptional cases. The purpose of this training is to enable people already holding a doctoral degree in psychology to obtain advanced clinical training in order to enhance their program of research. Applicants to this program generally will be individuals who have demonstrated exceptional aptitude for research and whose research interests dovetail with those of one or more faculty members in the clinical area group. In contrast to many post-doctoral training programs in clinical psychology, this training is not intended for individuals wishing to “retool” for a primary career as a practicing psychologist. Potential applicants should secure a sponsor chosen from the clinical faculty.

Individuals admitted to the postdoctoral program will receive a certificate of training upon satisfactory completion of the program's requirements. Persons entering the program will differ, of course, in terms of their educational background, professional experience, and career goals; of necessity, program requirements will be individually determined on the basis of such factors. However, the following training curriculum represents the minimum three-year program (not counting the internship year) which would be taken by most of the postdoctoral trainees who have a Ph.D. in an area of psychology other than clinical. Postdoctoral trainees register as special students and are evaluated every semester.

The clinical training portion of the respecialization program are as follows:

- four clinical core courses - Psychology 740, 741, 801, 806 (740 and 741 are taken four times each during the first two years) - one additional clinical seminar
- clinical proseminar (Psychology 704) brown bag presentations of clinically relevant research

- Large group practicum modules on clinically relevant topics (e.g., ethics, assessment, cognitive-behavior therapy) taken during all three years
- Prepracticum (specific preparation for seeing clients) taken in second semester of first year
- Practicum (intakes, clients, on-call duty) begins first semester of second year for four semesters

- Eight-week, half-time placement at a local agency during summer between second and third years

Research - Extensive research on a clinical problem with one of our clinical faculty serving as mentor

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