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Cognitive and Cognitive Neuroscience

Requirements for the Program

The study of cognition and perception has undergone explosive growth during the past decade with exciting developments in psychology and related fields and with new techniques for studying mind and brain. The Cognitive and Perceptual Sciences (CPS) area group provides a unique and stimulating graduate school experience for students interested in an interdisciplinary approach to cognition and perception. Our faculty combine expertise in cognition and perception with a broad arsenal of methods including experimental, developmental, computational, and biological approaches. This breadth in methodologies is paralleled by breadth across disciplines of communicative disorders, educational psychology, and neuroscience. Areas of exceptional strength in cognition include language development, speech perception, neural representation of language and memory, gesture, higher_level comprehension, music cognition, problem solving, and embodied cognition. Research in hearing and vision includes perceptual development, perception of complex sounds, perception of 3_D layout and auditory space, attention, and neural processing of auditory and visual objects and events. Laboratory facilities are comprehensive and fully state of the art, enhanced by unique opportunities for training in neuroimaging at the Keck Laboratory for Functional Brain Imaging and indevelopmental methods at the Waisman Center. We are committed to maintaining acollegial environment in which our students collaborate with the faculty in developingtheir research programs. Our Ph.D. graduates maintain careers as university or college professors, or as researchers at public or corporate laboratories.

Psychology Faculty: Professors Alibali, Gernsbacher, Postle,  Rogers, Saffran, Seidenberg, MacDonald, Ryff
Affiliated Faculty:
Professors Dolan, Evans, Kent, Lutfi

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