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Developmental Psychology

Research in the developmental area group focuses on the interrelationships of biological and behavioral processes throughout the life span, and on the mechanisms and processes of change. The program emphasizes interdisciplinary studies, and allows graduate students flexibility in designing a program of study consonant with their goals and interests. Central parts of the developmental program include a first year core course in developmental psychology and a weekly lunch meeting, in which students and faculty present ongoing research and discuss current topics in the field. Students within our program focus on cognitive, emotional, language, perceptual, personality, social development, or relations between these areas. Within these content domains, students and faculty conduct research on both typical and atypical development, and work with individuals representing a wide range of ages, including infants, preschool and school age children, adolescents, adults, and the elderly. Specific faculty research interests include the development of mathematical reasoning and problem solving, development of visual perception and attention, developmental behavioral genetics, gender role development, developmental psychopathology, resiliency in adulthood and aging, and language acquisition.

Participants in our research studies are drawn from an unusually wide variety of sources, including local preschools and day care centers; public, and private schools in the Madison area; the Dane County Division of Children, Youth, and Families; the Wisconsin Longitudinal Survey; University of Wisconsin Hospitals and Clinics; and the Institute on Aging. Many developmental faculty are affiliated with the Waisman Center on Human Development, which provides a database of typically-developing infants and children with developmental disabilities.

Prospective students are encouraged to contact individual faculty directly.

To learn more about studying cognitive, perceptual, and linguistic development at UW-Madison click here.

Psychology Faculty: Professors Alibali, Goldsmith,  Hyde, Moore, Pollak, Ryff, Saffran
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Bolt, Kalish, Schneider

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