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How we perceive our world and respond adaptively in it has been central to inquiry about the human mind at least since the early Greeks. The study of perception is established at the forefront of scientific psychology because remarkable progress has been made and continues to be made thanks to the inherently interdisciplinary nature of the questions and the methods used to address them. Science in perception is distinguished by unusually close interaction of investigators employing a broad arsenal of complementary methods. Graduate study in perception at Wisconsin is founded upon our commitment to first-rate scientific contributions founded upon broad interdisciplinary courses and experiences. Students are encouraged to take full advantage of many outstanding scholars throughout the University including those in Departments of Anatomy, Communication Disorders, Computer Science, and Physiology. Our methods range from simple tasks of viewing or listening to neuroimaging of humans and multi-electrode brain recordings in animals. One of the most powerful tools is computational modeling that forges connections from brain development and activity to our phenomenal experiences of the world around us. Research in hearing and vision includes perceptual development, perception of complex sounds, perception of 3D layout and auditory space, attention, and neural processing of auditory and visual objects and events. Laboratory facilities are comprehensive and fully state of the art, enhanced by unique opportunities for training in neuroimaging at the Keck Laboratory for Functional Brain Imaging and in developmental methods at the Waisman Center. We are committed to maintaining a collegial environment in which our students collaborate with faculty in developing their research programs. Our Ph.D. graduates maintain careers as university or college professors, or as researchers at public or corporate laboratories.

Psychology Faculty:
Professors Cai, Jenison, Kluender, Postle, Saffran, Seidenberg

Affiliated Faculty:
Litovsky, Lutfi

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