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Coursework, Satisfactory Progress, & Exceptions

Coursework Requirements
These are the general coursework guidelines for all psychology graduate students not enrolled in the clinical, CCN, developmental, or IGM concentrations. Please refer to the links provided above for additional coursework/requirements for these specific area groups.

Core Course Requirement:
  1. Average grade of B or better and no grade lower than a BC in three core courses (see list on page 7) representing no fewer than three different area groups (i.e., two areas other than own area group). Area Groups may designate graduate courses and seminars, not officially listed as core courses, to serve as meeting the core course requirement. As the Timetable is prepared each semester Area Groups may designate courses or seminars to meet the core course requirement [for students either within and/or outside their area group] so that there is on average a minimum of one course per area group per semester that can count as a core course. Upon presentation of a detailed program of courses to the area group that has been prepared collaboratively by the student and the major professor, the area group may recommend to the Graduate Committee that substitution of courses that are outside the department be allowed, but the final decision rests with the Graduate Committee.
  2. By end of Year 1: Complete at least one core course in any area (including student's own area group).
  3. By end of Year 3: Complete core course requirement.
Methodology Requirement:
  1. Three methodology courses including Psychology 615 and/or 610, plus the additional methodology course(s) from a list approved by the department and by the student's area group. Grade in 615 or 610 (whichever is selected) must be B or better; also, average grade for all three courses must be B or better. (Note: Area groups may have additional methodology requirements; e.g., requiring Psychology 615 and 610 plus a third methodology course. Check with area group.)
  2. By end of Year 1: Complete at least one methodology course.
  3. By end of Year 3: Complete methodology requirement.
Seminar Requirement:
  1. Four graduate level seminars/elective courses of which at least two must be taken within the Department of Psychology. (Graduate electives are graduate courses numbered 600 or higher that are not counted as satisfying the Core or Methodology requirements.) Only courses in which a grade of B or better or S has been earned can be used to fulfill this requirement. One credit hour "proseminar" courses may not be used to fulfill this requirement.
  2. By end of Year 2: Complete two seminars/elective courses. Remaining seminars/elective courses may be taken at any time before the granting of the Ph.D. degree.
Professional Development Requirement:
  1. All graduate students are required to take the online training modules on Human Subjects Protection and on Responsible Conduct of Research. Students who use animals are also required to complete the Animal User Online Certification. Proseminar courses regularly include sessions devoted to research ethics. Students are also required to complete a workshop on writing or grant writing. A variety of opportunities are available on campus, including full courses on grant writing. Graduate students have the option of fulfilling this requirement during their 1st or 2nd year.
  2. Graduate students are strongly encouraged to obtain some teaching experience (e.g., TA, etc.) while they are in residence at UW. Teaching experience is an important part of training in professional development, especially for students going into careers which involve teaching.
Ph. D. Minor
  1. A Ph. D. Minor must be approved by your major professor and area group chair at the time of certification for preliminary examination. Two options are available:
    1. Requires a minimum of ten credits in a single department/major field of study other than the student's major department. Selection of this option requires approval from the minor department.
    2. Requires a minimum of ten credits in one or more departments and can include coursework in the major department. Within Pyschology, courses that count toward the minor requirement must be taken outside the student's major area group. Courses used to meet the coure course requirement and the seminar/elective requirement may also be used toward fulfilling the minor requirement. Methodology courses beyond the three required may also count.
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