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Departmental Admission Requirements

    Although individual faculty members and area groups decide who will be admitted, the Psychology Department sets certain minimum standards that must be met by those admitted to our graduate program. It is extremely rare for the Department of Psychology to offer admission to those who do not meet our minimum standards for application. However, if you fall below the minimum standards set by the department you may still be admitted where there is clear justification; e.g., foreign students or minority group students whose GRE scores may not be an indicator of potential for graduate work, or students who are below the minimum requirement in one respect but well above it in other respects.

    The Department of Psychology's minimum requirements are as follows:

    1. An undergraduate GPA of 3.0 or higher on a four point scale
    2. A GRE (General Test of the Graduate Record Examination) score of 1200 when verbal and quantitative scores are combined
    3. A TOEFL score of 550 (paper-based) and 213 (computer-based) for students whose native language is not English 
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