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Departmental Awards and Fellowships


Hertz Travel Awards
Submit once presentation has been accepted and $400+ in expenses has occured anytime during 2009.

The Department of Psychology would like to announce rolling travel awards for students who are presenting as first author at a conference. Starting with the 2008-2009 academic year, travel awards will now be $400, an increase of $100 from 2007-2008. A donation from the Hertz Foundation to the psychology graduate program helps to make these awards possible.
The guidelines for those eligible to apply for this award are as follows:

  • Must be  presenting as first author at a conference
  • Only one award (according to the conference date) is given per calendar year, from January 1st to December 31st, to each award applicant

The following are the necessary application materials to be submitted to the graduate studies coordinator, in person or via mailbox, once you have received acceptance of your presentation at a conference and have incurred at least $400 worth of costs (typically can have these materials together once plane tickets or lodging has been paid):

  • Cover page with the following information
    • Conference Title
    • Conference Date
    • Presentation Title
    • Current Address and Permanent Address (if different)
    • Social Security Number (indicate if you are a Citizen/Permanent Resident/International Student)
  • Proof of conference presentation acceptance
  • Receipts for what you wish to be reimbursed for

Schwartz Fellowship
Applications due February 1, 2009.

The family of Marian Schwartz established the Marian S. Schwartz Fund to support graduate student research in cognitive and experimental psychology.  The person (or persons) awarded the fellowship will be designated a Schwartz Fellow.  This year the total amount to be awarded for the fellowship will be $4000, though the Graduate Committee may choose to award multiple fellowships.  The Schwartz Fellow will have control over how to spend this money in support of his or her research.  For example, it may be used for summer salary support, travel to meetings, purchase of supplies and equipment, etc.

Applicants for the Schwartz Fund are asked to submit a one-page proposal, single-spaced with a 12-point standard font, briefly summarizing your proposed research (conceptual background and research plan) and indicating how it is relevant to the goals of the Schwartz fund (research in cognitive and experimental psychology).  References should be included on a separate page. 
Proposals will be evaluated by all members of the Graduate Committee, so your proposal should be written to be understood by psychologists from many area groups.  Priority is normally given to more advanced students, however all students are eligible to apply.  Additionally, students may receive this fellowship only once.

This proposal is due to the Graduate Studies and Admissions office via in the form of Adobe Acrobat PDF by February 1, 2009. At the following Graduate Committee meeting finalists will be selected from the single page proposals and the Graduate Committee will then ask finalists to submit the following:

  • A full paper, no more than five pages double-spaced with 12 point standard font, providing the specific aims, background and significance, a brief description of methodology for the research, the expected results, and how these results will be interpreted
  • References must be included but do not count toward the five-page limit
  • A budget detailing how the $4,000 fellowship would be utilized
  • Two letters of recommendation addressing the quality of the application and evaluating the proposed research
  • Curriculum Vitae

Lyn Abramson Award
2009 deadline to be announced.

A donor to our department has established the Lyn Abramson Award for Cognitive Approaches to Psychopathology.  This is a $500 annual award for a paper on a topic related to cognitive approaches to psychopathology by a graduate student in our department.

The criteria for papers to be submitted are as follows:

  • Proposals do not qualify
  • The paper can either be published or unpublished
  • Papers can fall into any of the following categories: Empirical report, theoretical work, or review
  • Papers on cognitive approaches to any form of psychopathology are welcome
  • The Cognitive perspective may (but need not) be integrated with another perspective (e.g., Neuroscience, Developmental, etc.).  
  • The student must be the first author, however, it is fine for a faculty member to be a co-author
  • A format appropriate for publication in a journal should be used
  • There are no restrictions on page length

To apply for the Lyn Abramson Award, a PDF of your paper must be submitted to the Graduate Studies and Admissions office via Application due date to be determined for 2009.

NSF-AGEP Summer Award
Applications due March 1, 2009

The National Science Foundation (NSF) funds the Alliances for Graduate Education and the Professoriate (AGEP) program. The primary goals of AGEP are to (a) significantly increase the number of underrepresented minorities (i.e., African Americans, Hispanics, American Indians, Alaska Natives, and Native Hawaiians or other Pacific Islanders) obtaining graduate degrees in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM), and (b) enhance the preparation of underrepresented minorities for faculty positions in academia.

Utilizing funding from the NSF-AGEP grant, the department would like to announce summer stipend awards for those students meeting the eligibility requirements as listed above. The summer stipend amount is TBD once applications have been received. The deadline for applications is March 1st. 

The following materials must be turned in by March 1st to the graduate studies coordinator via mailbox or by PDF/Word Document to if you wish to be considered for this award: 

  • Your CV, including an attached page outlining the following:
    • Matriculation date
    • Current state of graduate career (Dissertator, First Year, etc.)
  • Statement of the scholarly/research activities that this award will facilitate
    • Not to exceed 4 double-spaced pages
    • Describing your scholarly/research activities
    • Includes a brief statement about how this summer stipend will facilitate your educational progress
    • Includes your specific goals for the summer
  • Statement indicating alternative funding for which you have applied or is available to you for the summer
  • A letter of recommendation/endorsement from your major professor

Departmental Research Awards
2009 deadline to be announced.

Further information and application deadline for 2009 to be announced at a later date.


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