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Departmental Resources

John Curtin, Graduate Studies Chair
As the current graduate studies chair, you can contact John with any of your questions, concerns, comments, or ideas.

Chealsey Sensor, Graduate Admissions and Studies , 262-2079
A good starting place for questions of any kind related to your career as a graduate student within the department and the University. She also handles warrant requests for MS degrees, prelims, and PhD degrees, tuition remission, third party deferrals, first year project coordination, the graduate studies portion of the website, office space for graduate students, and so on.

Weijun Shang, Payroll and Benefits, 262-3739
Weijun sets up your appointments with the University if you are an RA, TA, or PA for payroll and benefits. If you have any questions about the benefits you receive as a graduate student, including health insurance, she is a great resource. If you are new to the department, it is always a good idea to check in with her to ensure all necessary paperwork has been taken care of.

Vicky Lenzlinger, TA Coordinator and Timetable , 262-0512
Vicky handles everything associated with TA’s needed by the Psychology Department. She also manages the timetable for each semester, so if you have a question about registration, course offerings,  or course authorizations, she is a valuable contact.

Gary Malchow, Building Manager, 262-1041
If you have a question, Gary will most often know the answer for you. He deals with general building concerns and also issues parking passes for research stalls, distributes building keys as needed, facilitates proctor scheduling, orders supplies, handles the mail, and copy machine questions and issues.

John Govin and Greg Kant, Computers and Equipment Repair, 262-3705;, 262-6848
Contact either John or Greg if there are computer issues or electronic equipment needing repair.

Craig Rypstat, Webmaster, 262-6638
Contact Craig if you would like to have a webpage on the website. This would be linked on the student directory.

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