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Health and Behavior Cluster

The Health and Behavior group at the University of Wisconsin includes faculty working at many different levels to investigate the relation between psychological processes, intervening neurobiological mechanisms, and physical health outcomes. Research is conducted at different periods of the life course in both human and animal models. A unique strength ongoing projects is the cross-area synergy across domains of psychology (addictions, affective neuroscience, clinical, developmental, personality/social, psychoneuroimmunology). Graduate students with research interests in this area can be admitted in any of the area groups, or can pursue an individualized study major that permits them to develop an individualized curriculum and be advised by a five-person committee. The Health and Behavior group at Wisconsin is greatly facilitated by a large recent NIH grant to create a Center for the study of Mind-Body Interaction, in which health resilience is a primary theme.  The following list contains faculty who participate in the Health and Behavior group, along with their research interests:

  • Chris Coe - psychoneuroimmunology
  • John Curtin - alcohol, alcohol abuse and emotional processes
  • Richard Davidson - individual differences in the neural circuitry of emotion and its relation to immune, endocrine and autonomic function
  • Janet Hyde - Sexual health
  • Carol Ryff - investigates, in adulthood and aging samples, how psychological and social well-being contribute to positive health (reduced morbidity, delayed mortality) especially in the face of cumulating life challenge.
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