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Graduate Minor in Psychology

Information for current graduate students majoring within another department.

    The full minor program in psychology shall constitute not less than 12 hours of graduate-credit courses in psychology, a graduate credit course being one which bears a Madison catalog number of 300 or higher, or if taken elsewhere, is of an equivalent level. At least 9 of these 12 hours must be taken in the Department of Psychology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus, these 9 hours being credited for courses bearing a catalog number of 600 or higher and including at least one graduate seminar. The remaining 3 hours of graduate-credit courses in psychology may be credited for courses bearing a Madison catalog number of 300 or higher or a course of an equivalent level taken elsewhere, and may include Psychology 325 (Experimental) unless Psychology 225 or an equivalent laboratory course in Experimental Psychology had been taken at the undergraduate level. (Authorization is necessary to enroll in Psychology 325. Forms for this process are available outside of Room 430.) The necessity to include an experimental psychology course is a decision made on the advice of the minor advisor. Graduate credits taken while an undergraduate cannot count toward completion of this minor.

    For specific information, it is important to consult the faculty member best able to advise you in an area of psychology that you wish to pursue. All graduate students must have a professor sign the agreement about a minor course of study (available from your major department).

    It is important that you realize that you are minoring in psychology and not in a particular subspecialty. Your degree will state "Minor in Psychology", rather than "Minor in Social Psychology", for example. However, you may select a concentration or all of your minor courses in a particular area of the field with the consent of your minor advisor. With rare exception the clinical core courses, 740, 741, 801, 802, 803, and 904 are not open to students outside the Psychology Department. The clinical faculty will determine when and for whom exceptions will be made. All psychology seminars including those in clinical are available with the professor's permission, to those who are students outside the Psychology Department.

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