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Prospective Grad Students

Welcome to the Website for Graduate Studies in Psychology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison! I am delighted that you are considering graduate work in our department.

Our goal is to train the future leaders in Psychology. The program is founded on the premise that graduate students come here not only to acquire knowledge but also, and more importantly, to question and create knowledge. To this end, students embark on their "First Year Research Projects" soon after they arrive and present their findings to the entire faculty and graduate students at the "First Year Research Symposium" the beginning of their second year.

We take great pleasure in watching our graduate students develop scientifically and professionally. We employ a very flexible mentor model in which students work closely with one or more faculy members to achieve their research and professional goals. Some students prefer to work with one mentor whereas others collaborate with multiple mentors, sometimes cutting across different areas of psychology. Our faculty are world renowned and,thus,are outstanding mentors and teachers. The excellence of our training program is reflected in the great success of our graduate students in obtaining predoctoral fellowships, publishing their research while in residence, and obtaining excellent positions upon graduation.

We invite you to apply to our program and begin the exciting process of forming your scientific and professional identity in the Psychology Department at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

John J. Curtin
Chair, Graduate Studies
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