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Approved Methodology Courses
All methodology courses should be equal to, or higher than, the 600 level (however, graduate level reading and research or independent study courses cannot be used to satisfy the methodology requirement.) (Note: Some area groups may have a more restrictive list of acceptable third courses.)

Psych 610 and/or 615

Approved Second and/or Third_____________
Psych 710: Design & Analysis of Psychological Experiments
Psych 711: Applied Multivariate Analysis
Psych 711: Applied Structural Equation Modeling
Psych 711: Introduction to Parallel Distributed Processing
Psych 916: Mathematical Models of Psychological Processes

Edu. Psych 711: Structural Equation Modeling
Edu. Psych 711: Hierarchical Linear Modeling
Edu. Psych 773: Factor Analysis
Edu. Psych 861: Statistical Analysis & Design in Educational Research
Edu. Psych 862: Multivariate Analysis
Edu. Psych 870: Test Theory I (formerly 770)

Statistics: Any UW Dept. of Statistics graduate credit course with a number equal to or higher than 600, with the exception of graduate level reading and research or indepedent study courses.

Computer Science: Any UW Dept. of Computer Sciences graduate credit course with a course number equal to or higher than 600, except that the following computer science courses will not be acceptable: 638 Topics in Computing and 699 Undergraduate Reading & Research.

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