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Research in our department is particularly strong in a number of subareas. Notably, these strengths extend beyond the boundaries of the department, encompassing the richness of investigators and resources of the UW-Madison campus. Follow these links to get more information about the Department's research strengths.

Research Laboratories

Addiction Research Lab
Director: John Curtin

Child-Emotion Research Lab
Director: Seth Pollak

Cognitive Development and Communication Lab
Director: Martha W. Alibali

Cognitive Neuroscience of Memory
Director: Brad Postle

Harlow Primate Lab
Director: Chris Coe

Laboratory for Affective Neuroscience
Director: Richard J. Davidson

Laboratory for Embodied Cognition
Director: Arthur Glenberg

Language and Cognitive Neuroscience Lab
Director: Maryellen C. MacDonald
Director: Mark S. Seidenberg

Language Comprehension Lab
Director: Morton Ann Gernsbacher

Language Learning Lab
Infant Learning Lab

Director: Jenny Saffran

Neural Bases of Behavior Lab
Director: Craig Berridge

Prejudice and Intergroup Relations Lab
Director: Patricia Devine

Speech Perception Laboratory
Director: Keith Kluender

UW Twin Center
Wisconsin Twin Project
Director: Hill Goldsmith

Waisman Laboratory for Brain Imaging
Director: Richard J. Davidson

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