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Appointment Documents
Employee Appointment Change Form - Qualtrics
New Appointment Form - Qualtrics
Student Hourly New Appointment Form - Qualtrics
Sample Job Duties Description       

Unclassified Payroll changes or additions must be received by payroll before the 5th of the month PRIOR to the month you need the change.

For example:
To get paid properly for the month of July, submissions needs to be in payroll by June 5th.

Classified or Student Hourly:  Payroll changes must be received 7 days PRIOR to the effective date of the change.


Supervisor Documents
Instructions For Approving Student Hourly Hours
Classified Staff Overtime Form
Employee Separation

Employee DocumentsFaculty Leave Request Form [Word][WordPerfect]
Classified/LTE Timesheet protected
Classified/LTE Timesheet unprotected
Reader/Grader Timesheet

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Disability Accomodation Policy
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Department Staff

Job Name Tele # * Room


Melanie Jones
262-8766 426
Stephanie Osborn
262-2077 428
Valerie Johnson
890-4844 430
Allocations-faculty Marsha Stanek 262-1569 221
Audio/Visual equipment PHP Scheduler
Benefits Weijun Shang
262-3739 219
Budget Liz Rose 262-3168 218
Building Information and Issues Gary Malchow 262-1041 238C
Chair business Jake Parker
262-1040 238A
Clinic 262-5925 351
Copy machines (all questions) Gary Malchow
262-1041 238C
Course change forms and authorizations Dan Barnish
262-0512 223
Deliveries Gary Malchow or
Jake Parker
262-1040 238
DoIT number Benjamin Ball
262-3168 218
Electronic shops John Govin
Greg Kant
Elevator problems Gary Malchow
Email dist lists Jake Parker 262-1040 238A
Experiment log book Now Sona systems
Fax machine
Gary Malchow 262-1041 238C
Financials - purchasing, awards, etc Susan Atkinson
265-1042 222
Grades Dan Barnish
262-0512 223
Graduate student records Kevin Belt
262-2079 238B
Grants administration Liz Rose
265-5504 217
Hilldale accounts Susan Atkinson
262-1041 222
Contracts Liz Rose 262-5504 218
Honorary fellow apts. Jake Parker
262-1040 238A
Human subjects' cash
Susan Atkinson
262-1042 222
Keys Gary Malchow
Lecturer appts and Coordinator Tina Winston
Dan Barnish
Mail & postage Gary Malchow 262-1041 238C
MDS accounts Susan Atkinson 262-1042 222
Mechanician Andy Mulder 262-5631 B89
Parking (Reserved stalls, permits, etc) Gary Malchow 262-1041 238C
Payroll Weijun Shang
262-3739 219
Phone directory Marsha Stanek
262-1569 221
Printer problems Greg Kant
262-6848 B92
Pro cards Susan Atkinson
262-1042 223
Proctors Gary Malchow 262-1041 238C
Purchasing Susan Atkinson 262-3168 222
RA & PA project assistant appointments Weijun Shang
262-3739 219
Reimbursement Susan Atkinson
262-1042 222
Repairs (electronics) John Govin
B92 (Shops)
Room reservations (classroom) Dan Barnish
262-0512 223
Student services receptionist Gary Malchow 262-1041 238C
Supplies Gary Malchow 262-1041 238C
Syllabi Dan Barnish 262-0512 223
Teaching assistants Dan Barnish
262-0512 223
Teaching evaluations Dan Barnish
262-0512 223
Timetable Dan Barnish
262-0512 223
Travel Susan Atkinson
262-1042 222
form to fill & print & bring
Gary Malchow 262-1041 238C
Webmaster Craig Rypstat
262-6848 B92

* The area code for all telephone numbers is 608

UW Psychology Email Lists

UW Psychology Committees
NPC - New Personnel Committee Research Committee
Hill Goldsmith (Chair) John Curtin (Spring)
Martha Alibali (Developmental) 2nd yr Rick Jenison
Paula Niedenthal (Social) 1st Year Yuri Saalmann
John Curtin (Clinical) 1st year Chris Coe
Yuri Saalmann (BBB) (non-tenured) 1st yr Liz Rose (Staff)
Jacob Parker (Staff)
BSC - Budgetary Subcommittee Graduate Committee
Hill Goldsmith (chair) Craig Berridge (Director of Graduate Studies)
Mark Seidenberg (Developmental) 2nd yr Vanessa Simmering
Richard Davidson (Clinical) 2nd yr Tim Rogers
Judy Harackiewicz (Social) 1st yr Lyn Abramson
Tony Auger (Bio) 1st yr Markus Brauer
Liz Rose (Staff) Joe Austerweil
Kevin Belt (Staff)
 Undergraduate Committee Web Page
Brad Postle (Director of Undergraduate Studies)
Mark Seidenberg (Chair)
Karl Rosengren Karen Schloss
Shawn Green Bas Rokers (fall)
Allyson Bennett Jake Parker (Staff)
Kristin Shutts Melanie Jones (Staff)
Jenny Saffran (Honors Coordinator) Craig Rypstat (Staff)
Tina Winston (Staff)                     
Melanie Jones (Staff) Coordinators
Dan Barnish (Staff) Lecturer - Tina Winston

Introductory Psychology (extra credit) - Yuri Miyamoto
Ad hoc Committee on Redesign of Introductory Psychology Introductory Psychology (PLA Coordinator) - Caton Roberts
Morton Gernsbacher (Coordinator)
Honors Program - Diane Gooding
Shawn Green (Co-coordinator) TA Coordinator - Dan Barnish
Karl Rosengren (Chair of Undergraduate Studies) 225 Coordinator - Tina Winston
Hill Goldsmith (Department Chair)
Patti Coffey (Consultant) Director of Clinical Training
Caton Roberts (Consultant) John Curtin
Jeff Henriques (Consultant)
Judy Harackiewicz (Consultant) Faculty Senate - UW
Brad Postle (Consultant) Rick Jenison (senator) - Hill Goldsmith (Alternate)
Dan Barnish (Staff)    Bas Rokers (senator), Shawn Green (alternate)

   Catherine Marler (senator), Timothy Rogers (alternate)
Alumni/Fundraising  Diversity & Climate
Janet Hyde (Director of Alumni Relations) Yuri Miyamoto (Chair)
Hill Goldsmith James Li
Paula Niedenthal
Kevin Belt (Staff)
Allyson Bennett
Valerie Johnson (staff)
Susan Atkinson (staff)
Jake Parker (staff)


College & Med School IRBs - UW
Morton Gernsbacher - Chair TBA - Health Science IRB
Seth Pollak  Maryellen MacDonald - Social & Behavioral Sciences IBR
Maryellen MacDonald Tony Auger - IACUC (Institutional Animal Care & Use Committee)
Patricia Devine
Cathy Marler

Divisional - UW
Area Chairs Maryellen MacDonald
Clinical - Diane Gooding (fall); tba (spring)
Developmental - Vanessa Simmering Academic Planning Council
CCN - Vanessa Simmering Seth Pollak
Biological - Yuri Saalmann
Perception - Bas Rokers Primate Lab - UW
Social - Judy Harackiewicz Christopher Coe

UW Psychology Email Lists
The following are maintained Wisc Lists of the Department of Psychology - email: with any changes, please use the subject line of "Change to Wisc list" and include in the email the appropriate names and List name.

You do not have to be a member to email people in the groups represented. To use an email list, append the suffix For example, if there was a list with for Psychology Experiments with a prefix of psych-experiments, the address of the list serve would be The lists are not given as a complete email address to hep reduce the possibility of spamming.

psych-faculty UW Department of Psychology Faculty
psych-exec UW Department of Psychology Executive Committee
psych-lecturers UW Department of Psychology Lecturers
psych-faculty-affiliated UW Department of Psychology Affiliated Faculty
psych-staff UW Department Psychology Staff
psych-postdoc UW Department of Psychology Post docs
psych-ta-fa UW Department of Psychology Teaching & Faculty Assistants
psych-clinicalgrads UW Department of Psychology Clinical Graduate Students
psych-cag UW Department of Psychology Clinical Area Group faculty/staff members
bbb-psych-faculty UW Department of Psychology Biology of Brain and Behavior faculty 
perception-psych-faculty UW Department of Psychology Perception faculty 
psych-practicumgrads UW Department of Psychology Practicum Graduate Students/Faculty/Staff
psych-grad UW Department of Psychology Graduate Students
psych-club UW Department of Psychology Club
psych-805 UW Department of Psychology 805