Colleen's Wisconsin Orchid Collection
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    Not many people know that orchids grow in Wisconsin.  I didn't know about Wisconsin orchids until my former grad student, Celia ("Ce") E. Wills, R.N., Ph.D., taught me how to find them.  Here's a picture of Ce getting ready to photograph a rattlesnake plaintain orchid that we found in the forest in Marinette County Wisconsin. 
    The orchilds here are all found in Wisconsin.  For further information on orchids, you can visit the website of the UW-Madison Herbarium at .  Because you can get all the scientific info at the Herbarium website, I'm skipping the Latin names here. 
    Wild orchids are relatively rare, and are also sensitive to disturbance.  So be careful not to step on them, and don't even think of digging them up--they probably won't grow in your flower garden anyway. 



  Green Adder's mouth orchid  Rattlesnake plantain orchid   Nodding ladies tresses 
addertn.jpg rattletn.jpg lady1tn.jpg

       Striped coral root         Pale coral root     Slender ladies tresses
coralsttn.jpg coralptn.jpg lady2tn.jpg  

             Grass pink   Dragon's mouth (quite rare)         Rose pogonia
grassptn.jpg dragontn.jpg roseptn.jpg

             Yellow lady slipper
        (Porcupine Wilderness, MI)
            Pink lady slipper
     (Porcupine Wilderness, MI)
Fringed Orchid
(Near Pictured Rocks Nat'l Lakeshore, MI)
ladyyellztn.jpg pinkladytn.jpg fringeorchidtn.jpg

             Rein Orchid
        (Near Pictured Rocks Nat'l Lakeshore,MI)
            Rein Orchid
        (Near Pictured Rocks Nat'l Lakeshore,MI)
Rein Orchid
        (Near Pictured Rocks Nat'l Lakeshore,MI)
reinorchidtn.jpg        reinorch2tn.jpg                  reinorchid2tn.jpg

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