Peer Mentor Program

The Psychology Department Peer Mentor Program is designed to help students transition to the university and the department. Upperclass, Psychology students serve as mentors to help first year students, as well as transfer students, facilitate a smooth transition to the academic rigor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.  Through large group presentations, small group and one-on-one meetings, mentees (first-year students) learn about the tools and resources needed to be a successful student.

What is a peer mentor?
A peer mentor is a student who has learned from experience and has developed skills to successfully guide other students through challenges. They have been selected, trained, and designated by a campus authority to offer educational services to their peers.

Quotes from a Previous Mentor
Favorite aspect of being a mentor:

“Seeing my interactions have a positive impact on their Wisconsin Experience”

Advice for future mentors:

“Understand each individual has their own path and they should not try to follow someone else’s path”

What is a peer mentee?
Mentees are first-year students who have a strong interest in receiving guidance from an upperclassman, and want to be active members of the Department of Psychology community. Mentees receive assistance in adjusting to the university environment and overcoming the obstacles of the first semester from a fellow student. Mentees are a diverse group of students from various backgrounds including international students, transfer students, and first generation students.

Benefits of being a Peer Mentee

• Connect with Psychology students and the Psychology Department
• Learn about Psychology related opportunities
• Receive guidance and support from fellow Psychology students


Quotes from a Previous Mentee
Favorite aspect of being a mentee:

“Learning of the opportunities available to me and the one-on-one help”

Most helpful portion of the program:

“The [Peer Mentor] program was super helpful in transitioning to college”

Interested in becoming a mentee?

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Interested in becoming a mentor?
Applications are sent out during the Spring semester. Watch for an email with more information or contact the Psychology Advisors at