Alumni Profile: Huijun “Nikki” Li ’19

Alumni Profile: Huijun “Nikki” Li
Degree(s): BA’19 Psychology – UW-Madison, MA’23 Dance/Movement Therapy and Couple and Family Therapy – Antioch University
Current Occupation: Outpatient Mental Health Therapist – Ellie Mental Health; Group Therapist – Arbour Hospital

What are some of the benefits of your psychology degree?
Studying psychology at UW-Madison inspired my interest in mental health and introduced me to the field of Dance/Movement Therapy and Couple and Family Therapy.

How did you find your way to your current profession?
I wanted to combine what I learned from psychology degree with my life-long passion for dance. I volunteered at the the Hancock Center for Dance/Movement Therapy in Wisconsin and decided to pursue the profession of psychotherapy.

What advice would you give to students graduating with a psychology degree?
You are doing great 🙂 You don’t need my advice because I have never been where you want to go.

If interested, please list an identity or group membership of which you are particularly proud:
Asian, Chinese, international student, queer

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