The Brauer Group Lab is a social psychology research laboratory located in the Department of Psychology at University of Wisconsin-Madison, directed by Professor Markus Brauer.

Research in the laboratory focuses on group phenomena. The goal is to understand how people’s thought processes, perceptions of others, and behaviors are affected by being members of a social group/category (e.g., African Americans, gender/sexual minorities, managers). We study these issues from both basic science and applied, public intervention perspectives.

One line of research deals with diversity-related issues. When focusing on basic science, we examine the cognitive processes that are involved in the maintenance of stereotypes and prejudice. When our primary goal is applied science, we design interventions (in schools, companies, etc.) aimed at reducing discrimination and promoting diversity, and test the effectiveness of these interventions.

Another line of research addresses norm transgression and uncivil behaviors. When interested in basic processes, we study how individuals and group members perceive (and react to) norm transgressions of others. From an applied perspective, we develop interventions that effectively reduce incivilities and promote pro-social, ethical behaviors.


The Brauer Group Lab is committed to recruiting and educating students from all backgrounds. We honor this commitment by engaging in the following practices:

  • Promote an inclusive environment in which all individuals feel welcome and a sense of belonging
  • Engage in open and honest academic discussions of issues related to diversity and inclusion
  • Conduct research on the lives of all people, and represent diversity in our research questions, participants, stimulus materials, and analyses
  • Help students at every level in the lab to achieve their academic and professional goals

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The Brauer Group Lab acknowledges that the University of
Wisconsin-Madison occupies ancestral Ho-Chunk land, a place their nation has called Teejop since time immemorial.

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