***If you are a previous member of the Brauer Group Lab, and have updated information please contact Kevin Kennedy so we may keep these pages current.***

Graduate Students

Mitchell Campbell

Mitch’s Website

Mitchell Campbell received his PhD in Social Psychology in 2021. He received his B.A. in Psychology from Carleton College in 2014.

Mitchell’s work focuses on how to utilize behavior-based approaches to fostering inclusive behaviors and reducing discriminatory behaviors, in turn improving attitudes toward social outgroups. The interventions he designs are intended to manipulate behavior in individuals who may have little motivation to be non-prejudiced or do not have particularly strong egalitarian values or positive attitudes toward marginalized social groups. Rather, they employ techniques that have successfully changed behavior in other domains (e.g., education), including social norms, personal benefits, and self-efficacy. Another line of research considers factors that could make intergroup contact more productive.

Mitchell is now the Director of Research and Evaluation at Inclusity and a Visiting Professor of Psychology at Carleton College.

Sohad Murrar 

Sohad’s website

Sohad Murrar received her Ph.D. in Social Psychology in 2018. Her interests are in group and inter-group processes involving prejudice and identity formation, cross-cultural group dynamics,  social interventions and Entertainment Education. She received her B.A. from Northwestern University in Psychology and Asian & Middle East Studies in 2010 and her M.A. in the Social Sciences specializing in Comparative Human Development from the University of Chicago in 2011.

She now works as an assistant professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

Sarah Gavac

Sarah’s website

Sarah Gavac received her PhD in Social Psychology in 2020. Her interests are in normative tightness and morality. Normative tightness is the degree social norms are pervasive, clearly defined, and reliably imposed. Sarah has a B.A. in Psychology and a B.S. in Biochemistry from Case Western Reserve University.

Lab Managers

Kira Means

Kira was the Lab Manager for the Brauer Group Lab. She is currently attending the Social Psychology PhD program at Purdue University. She is primarily interested in studying gender-based prejudice, prejudice occurring within social groups, and social cognitive roots of prejudice. She is also interested in advanced quantitative methods and best practices in data analysis. Kira received her M.S. in Experimental Psychology from Western Washington University in Spring 2021. Prior to completing her M.S., Kira participated in a year of AmeriCorps VISTA service in Washington, DC, working in DC Public Schools’ Office of Out of School Time Programs to assess afterschool participants’ learning outcomes. In Spring 2017, Kira earned a B. A. in Psychology and Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies from the University of Montana.


Gil Moreu

Gil is a former Lab Manager for the Brauer Group Lab. He is primarily interested in studying prejudice interventions in educational settings, reducing reactance to pro-diversity initiatives, and examining the impact of different identities in intergroup interactions. He received his B. A.  from the University of Texas at El Paso in Psychology with a minor in Sociology in May 2020. Gil is currently attending the Social Psychology PhD program at UCLA .

Jordan Schwakopf

Jordan is a former Lab Manager for the Brauer Group Lab. She is primarily interested in studying prejudice interventions in educational settings and reducing reactance to pro-diversity initiatives. She received her B. A. from Gustavus Adolphus College in Psychological Science with Honors and a minor in Statistics. Jordan is currently working at Milliman IntelliScript.

Marna Dunne

Marna is a former Lab Manager for the Brauer Group Lab. She is primarily interested in studying prejudice, beliefs about controllability, and assumptions about social class based on appearance. She received her B.A. from Bard College in Psychology and Sociology, where she received the Andrew Jay Bernstein Memorial Award for best Psychology senior project. Her study, “Beliefs about Weight, Socioeconomic Status, and Controllability,” was featured in a poster session at the Society for Personality and Social Psychology conference.

Michael Ro

Michael is a former Lab Manager for the Brauer Group Lab. He is primarily interested in studying cyberbullying, formation of norms in on online environment, and bicultural selves. He received his B.A. from University of Pennsylvania in East Asian Studies and East Asian Languages and Civilizations, and a M.A. from Stanford University in East Asian Studies.

Undergraduate Research Assistants

Yuxiao (Reggie) Wu

Yuxiao (Reggie) is a senior at UW-Madison double-majoring in Psychology and Economics. Being an international student from China, social psychology intrigues him as it explains the numerous ways people interact with and influence each other within the bigger global community. After graduation, he plans to pursue a master’s degree in either behavioral finance or management with an emphasis on healthcare and psychological well-being. In his free time, Reggie likes traveling, binge-watching TV shows, and singing.

Daniel Sanji

Daniel is a UW graduate, majoring in Psychology and History with a certificate in Asian American Studies. He is interested in how social psychology intersects with social justice, especially as it relates to racial and ethnic minorities, sexual minorities, and environmental justice. On campus, Daniel works at the Asian Pacific Islander Desi American (APIDA) Student Center within the Multicultural Student Center. He is also the Chair of the APIDA Heritage Month Planning Committee, Social Justice Coordinator for the Japanese Student Association, and a member of the Multiracial Student Union. In his free time, Daniel enjoys drawing portraits, trying new Japanese recipes, and expanding his Asian and Asian American literature collection.

Kate Roberson

Kate is a junior majoring in Psychology and Marketing. An aspect of psychology that fascinates her is how people perceive information about others and how that information influences the way they interact in groups on varying scales. On campus, Kate is on the executive board for The Women’s Network which is an organization that celebrates female ambition. In her free time, she enjoys running, traveling, reading, and listening to music.

Yan Li

Yan is a graduate student in the Human Development Area of the Department of Educational Psychology at UW-Madison. She is also in Robert Enright’s Forgiveness Lab. Her academic interests are in moral psychology and cultural psychology, and especially forgiveness and culture. A question that guides her research is: “How could we utilize the cultural wisdom all around the world to promote people in forgiving others for the sake of love?” In the future, she would like to be a pioneer in the communication of morality and culture between the East and the West. As an international student, Yan values love and forgiveness among people of different races. She has a dream of world peace and happiness.

Alyssa Ronk

Alyssa is a senior majoring in Neurobiology. She plans on taking a gap year after graduation and then going to Physician Assistant School. She is mostly interested in behavioral and social psychology, more specifically concerning racial, ethnic, and sexual minorities as well as those in poverty with an interest in reducing discrimination against marginalized groups. Outside of the lab, she is the president of the Neuroscience Advocacy Program on campus, she works as a CNA at the Aurora BayCare Medical Center, and she volunteers at the Red Caboose Child Care Center. During her free time, she enjoys crocheting, painting, drawing, reading, running, and spending time with her loved ones.

Alisha Jones

Alisha is a senior studying cultural anthropology at UW. In general, she is interested in studying group behavior at the cultural, social, and psychological levels. Having an interdisciplinary background is important to her, as she hopes to use her breadth of knowledge to help combat human/civil rights issues in her career. In her free time, Alisha likes learning languages, dancing, and spending time with friends by the lake.

Greta Schwiesow

Greta is a senior studying Biology with certificates in Biocore, Studio Art, and Sustainability. She is interested in the intersection between psychology and environmental studies and how we can promote conservation-style thinking and action in a more feasible manner. She plans on taking a gap year after graduation to travel and build up her resume before applying to graduate or medical school programs. In her free time, Greta enjoys going for runs, painting, reading books, drinking tea, baking with friends, and taking care of her Jack Russell, Rex.

Josie Schaefer

Josie is a senior studying Psychology and Sociology with a certificate in Legal Studies.  She is planning on pursing a counseling psychology degree to become a sports psychologist. She is interested in understanding how humans interact, make decisions, and how to change existing biases.  On campus Josie volunteers with BGB and has represented the Women’s Track and Field team within SAAC and SAESO. In her free time, she enjoys hanging out with friends, family, her dogs, and watching the sunset (especially at Memorial Union Terrace).

Sai Nagisetty

Sai is a senior studying Neurobiology and Psychology with a certificate in Health and the Humanities. He is planning on going to Medical School in order to pursue an MD. He’s interested in studying the disparities that exist in healthcare and learning about various intervention methods to reduce discrimination in healthcare. On-campus, he’s involved in the Running Club @ UW and also participates in Badger Volunteers. In his free time, he enjoys going for runs, listening to music, and spending time with friends.

Tazman Abramowicz

Tazman is a senior studying psychology with a certificate in French. He is planning on pursuing a PhD in clinical psychology after he graduates. He is interested in the link between nature and nurture during development, and how mental disorders arise and can be treated without or alongside the help of medication. Tazman is also a diver on the men’s swim and dive team at UW-Madison, where he has been named a three-time honorable mention all-American. In his free time, he enjoys going for walks and bike rides around the city, as well as hanging out in the park with his friends.

Trinity Olson

Trinity is a senior majoring in Psychology and Neurobiology. Trinity is interested in social, behavioral, and cognitive psychology. She is interested in how behavior and attitudes can alter due to changes in social groups. In her free time, Trinity enjoys spending her time walking the paths around Lake Mendota and Monona when it isn’t too cold outside. She also enjoys writing, reading, and spending time with friends.

Anisha Desai

Anisha is a Junior studying Psychology with a certificate in Graphic Design. This is her first semester at the Brauer Group Lab. She is interested in how descriptive social norms influence intergroup attitudes and behaviors. She hopes to one day earn a doctoral degree in psychology and become a practicing psychologist. In her free time, Anisha loves baking cookies, practicing yoga, drawing, and going to coffee shops.

Nicole Hendry

Nicole graduated from UW-Madison in Spring 2021 with a degree in Psychology and Gender and Women’s Studies.  On campus she is a Badger Volunteer Team Leader and a Writing Fellow.  Nicole’s interests fall broadly under the realm of social psychology and she hopes to pursue a career in academia in the future.  In her spare time she enjoys reading, coffee shops, and creative projects.

Emma Lai

Emma graduated from UW-Madison in Spring 2021. She majored in Economics-Math Emphasis, Psychology, and Religious Studies. She is interested in the way humans make choices, and how behavior and beliefs influence those choices. Fascinated by the relationship between identity and productivity, she hopes to someday better understand the mechanisms by which they are correlated. Around campus, Emma is the Vice President and High School Outreach Chair for Women in Economics, Digital Coordinator at the Center for Religion and Global Citizenry, a WUD Film member, and a Badger SPILL volunteer. In her free time, she enjoys playing tennis, practicing piano, and reading philosophy.

Isaac Siegel

Isaac graduated from UW-Madison in Fall 2020. He majored in Psychology with a certificate in Health and the Humanities. He is interested in the alleviation of racial disparities in medical treatment, particularly in behavioral and mental health care. On campus, Isaac’s involvements include the GUTS Conversational English tutoring program and volunteering at Capitol Lakes Independent Living. In his free time, Isaac enjoys listening to music, reading great literature, and eating breakfast foods.

Nakita Xiong

Nakita graduated from UW-Madison in Spring 2021. She majored in Psychology with certificates in Public Health and Religious Studies. She is interested in social psychology and how affiliations with social groups affects the way we think and interact. In the future, she hopes to work in Public Health Administration to help address health inequities for underrepresented groups. On campus, she is involved in the Chancellor’s Scholars Program, HOSA: Future Health Professionals, and Circle K. In her free time, she enjoys traveling, spending time with her family, reading, and binge watching shows on Netflix.

Zeyu Li

Zeyu is a Graduate student majoring in Statistics-Data Science. He graduated from Stony Brook University with a double major in Psychology and Applied Math. He is interested in promoting diversity, developing interventions to prevent discrimination, and how minority status affects personality, especially in sexual minority communities. In the future, he hopes to pursue a Ph. D. in Psychology and implement research findings to address the inequalities faced by minority groups. He has volunteered to help natural disaster victims and socioeconomically disadvantaged populations in Texas and Florida and has worked at the Child Care Center to help create an unbiased environment for the infants and toddlers. In his free time, he likes to listen to music, watch Netflix, and try different restaurants in Madison.

Insa Schaffernak

Insa is a Junior majoring in Psychology and joining the Brauer Group Lab as an exchange student from the University of Freiburg, Germany. She has a broad interest in social psychological topics ranging from prosocial behavior to stereotypes and is especially fascinated by means to accomplish behavioral change. After graduation she plans on going to graduate school. At her home university, she is an active member of the Psychology Student Council and represents the interests of the Freiburg Psychology student body nationwide. Insa is also part of the Fulbright network and hopes to contribute to international understanding during her exchange year. In her free time, she enjoys Zumba, hiking and cooking with friends.

Benjamin Brown

Ben is a graduate from the University of Wisconsin, Madison where he majored in Political Science and Communication Arts. His experience working in the Wisconsin State Senate has brought about an interest in social psychology, particularly the interactions between various social/ideological groups. He is looking to gain an understanding of the principles of group psychology, as well as an introduction to academic research. In his free time he enjoys spending time with friends, playing video games, and watching TV.

Michael Ni

Michael is a Junior majoring in Psychology and Human Resource. Michael is fascinated by the interplay between these subjects in fields such as industrial/organizational psychology and behavioral economics. He is interested in how organizational structure, social norms, and diversity management affect productivity, job satisfaction, and other outcomes. He hopes to pursue a graduate degree in I/O Psychology and learn insights into the dynamics within the workplace.

Peter Reinke

Pete is a Senior majoring in Psychology, with a leadership certificate. He is planning on going on to graduate school to earn a PhD in school psychology. Pete is very interested in social psychology and the power of group affiliation on individuals, specifically concerning in-group/out-group bias. Pete is also currently involved on campus as an Undergraduate Teaching Fellow and as a Coordinator for the Student Leadership Program.

Almira Khan

Almira is a Senior majoring in Psychology with certificates in Gender and Women Studies as well as Entrepreneurship. She has a new found interest in social justice and wants to find ways to get more into grassroots work. She is also interested in intersectionality and how having different identities changes the way you may experience interpersonal interactions as well as environmental interactions. She is a Social Justice intern at the Multicultural Student Center as well as an Outreach Chair for Multiracial Student Union. She also works for the UW Department of Medicine. She loves being with the people that she loves, lifting at the gym, and spending time outside.

Claudia Lowe

Claudia is a Graduate from the University of Sydney in Australia, where she majored in Psychology. She has a broad interest in social psychology and wants to develop a further understanding of psychological practices in a research setting. Claudia is specifically interested in how one’s belonging to a particular social group can influence their perception and behaviour, and the association with bias and discrimination. In her free time she enjoys spending time with friends, drinking coffee, going to the beach and playing sports.

Aiman Shafiq

Aiman is a Junior majoring in pre-health Neurobiology and Psychology with a certificate in Gender and Women Studies. She is interested in diversity and prejudice in various groups and how an individuals’ thoughts, feelings and behavior are intertwined with their diverse social environments. She is also fascinated with psychology concerned gender and how gender roles are appropriated and affect different groups and their interactions. In the future, she hopes to incorporate pro-diversity and inclusion initiatives into the healthcare environment. Aiman is an active member of the Associated Students of Madison and the Equity and Inclusion Committee and works on campaigns that address the various needs of minority students around campus. In her free time she likes to watch Korean dramas, read, play with her cat, and try new foods with friends.

Channi Ernstoff

Channi graduated in May 2017 with a degree in psychology and philosophy. After spending a year in AmeriCorps working to address the graduation crisis in inner city schools, she decided to return to academia. In addition to her work in the lab, Channi is a TA for Research Methods and a GRE instructor for Kaplan. She plans on going to graduate school to study effective methods for increasing civil interactions among different groups. In her free time, Channi enjoys kickboxing, crocheting, cooking, reading, and playing board games. Channi is currently a doctoral student at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill.

Julian McCown-Berndt

Julian graduated from the University of Minnesota in December 2017 with a B.S. in Psychology and a minor in Sociology. He hopes to enroll in a graduate level psychology program in the future, but is currently taking time to volunteer in the lab while he narrows his research interests and learns more about the statistical analysis of psychological data. In his free time he enjoys exercising, attending live music events, and socializing.

pastedGraphic.pngJaniece Piolet

Janiece is a Senior double majoring in Psychology and Sociology with a certificate in Educational Policy Studies. She is interested in how cognitive processes and social identity affect sense of belonging and group inclusion. Currently at UW, Janiece is a Fellow for the Undergraduate Research Scholars program, a House Fellow, and is a national Posse scholar. In her future, Janiece plans to continue on to graduate school to study post-secondary educational leadership and student affairs. In her spare time, Janiece enjoys gardening, attending live jazz performances, discussing social justice, being among nature, and playing with her hamster, Sammie.

pastedGraphic.pngWenqi Li

Wenqi majored in Psychology and Classical Humanities, with a certificate in Criminal Justice. Wenqi is really interested in rehabilitation and working with people related to the system in the future. She has interned at Mendota Mental Health Institute and hopes to continue a career down the mental health path. She also hopes to continue onto graduate school and become a therapist from there. She enjoys drawing and exploring nature.

pastedGraphic.pngJonathan Godinez

Jonathan majored in Psychology with a certificate in Entrepreneurship. He plans on going to graduate school to learn more about different realms of psychology, especially neurological and social. He enjoys learning about why people are the way they are, and being able to help them apply meaning to their lives and empower them whenever possible. On campus, he is a Powers-Knapp Scholar, in Psychology Club, Latinx Badgers, Badger SPILL, and the Latinx Student Union. During his leisure, he enjoys reading philosophy, lifting weights, discovering new music, and hanging out with friends.

samSamuel Vincent

Sam is majored in Psychology and Philosophy. He is interested in research involving various types of threats and their relationship with normative tightness.  He was accepted as a Clinical Psychology doctoral student at Rosalind Franklin University. He will be researching cognitive and emotional mechanisms underlying psychopathy with Dr. Dave Kosson. His hobbies include playing sports, being with friends, and watching movies.

Joshua Deitte

Joshua majored in Psychology and Legal Studies. He is interested in the role of social interactions on motivating/affecting one’s actions. After graduation he would like to go on to graduate school and potentially get a Psy.D in clinical psychology. His hobbies include sports, video games, traveling, and living with an active lifestyle.


Jenna Goldstein

Jenna majored in Psychology. She is interested in developmental and social psychology and hopes to work with kids in the future. She plans on pursuing a Master’s degree in Social Work or a PhD in clinical psychology. Jenna spent her second semester of junior year in Copenhagen, Denmark and hopes to take a break after college to travel more. She loves music, her dog and anything fashion related.

Andy Hung

Andy majored in Psychology and Neurobiology. He is interested in studying social and clinical psychology and hopes to go to graduate school to continue studying clinical psychology. He currently works as a research assistant in the Nelson Lab at Nationwide Children’s Hospital studying social cognition in youth with epilepsy, the effects of prenatal marijuana exposure on attention networks in children, and the effects of hormone treatments on adolescents with gender dysphoria. He enjoys baking, playing tennis, watching sports, playing video games, and spending time with friends.

Jake Lundy

Jake majored in Psychology and Sociology. He is interested in social norm research, social reform, and exploring the relationships between the structural problems of society, and how they influence the individual. In his free time, he likes to write, watch movies, and bike along the lake.

Jennifer Terrell

Jen majored in Psychology with a certificate in Global Health. After graduation she is taking a gap year to have some fun and then hopes to pursue a career in medicine and implement skills she learns from this lab to promote diversity and the diminishment of stereotypes in her professional environment. She is very excited to be involved with this lab for the next  semester up until she travels abroad to Barcelona, Spain. In her free time she enjoys spending time with her friends, eating Thai food, watching movies, going to concerts, binging tv shows, and singing along to almost any song despite her lack of singing ability.

Lorraine Wang

Lorraine majored in Psychology and Economics. She is interested in studying cultural diversity, the relationship between social interaction and prejudice, and how cultural background influences and shapes people’s personality. She was accepted into the Human Development Psychology program in Harvard Graduate School of Education. She loves music, photography, and traveling.

abbyAbbigail Wehrhahn

Abby majored in Psychology. She is very passionate about the research interests of the lab, especially with issues related to diversity and prejudice.  Abby plans to pursue research about well being and stress/coping in the future. She was accepted into the Wisconsin School of Professional Psychology Clinical Psychology program as a PsyD candidate. She enjoys hiking and camping, but also loves to binge-watch Netflix and cuddle her heated blanket.

Tyler Ballweg

Tyler majored in Psychology and Economics, and he is interested in how the social sciences can be used to improve individual and community well-being. After graduation, he is considering working as an academic advisor and may eventually attend graduate school to study clinical psychology. In his free time, Tyler enjoys playing tennis, reading, and staying up way too late having long conversations with friends.

zaakirZaakir Abdul-Wahid

Zaakir majored in Psychology and Marketing with a certificate in Criminal Justice. He is interested in exploring the different ways that discrimination presents itself and how the ability to hide minority status interacts with discrimination. He is part of the Working Class Student Union and Associated Students of Madison and is interested in using the information learned from this lab to make both of these bodies more attuned to the needs of minority students on campus. After graduation he plans on taking two years off before going to law school.

FullSizeRenderVidushi Saxena

Vidushi majored in Psychology and Economics. She is interested in how cognitive processes and cultural difference influence consumer decision-making. She was accepted at Columbia University for a Masters in Social Work with a specialization in Health, Mental Health and Disabilities. She loves writing for The Badger Herald, dancing, traveling, trying new restaurants and binge watching TV shows.

Alexandria Owens

Alex majored in Psychology with a certificate in Gender and Women’s studies. She is interested in research on social norms, prejudice, and mental health. She plans to go into Clinical or Counseling Psychology in the future. In her free time, she enjoys attending all kinds of Badger athletics, dancing, listening to music, and hiking and biking when the weather permits.  

Tara Brennan

Tara majored in Psychology and Strategic Communications. She is interested in consumer psychology, industrial-organizational psychology, and social psych and will would like to attend grad school for one of these after gaining more work experience. In her free time she enjoys active endeavors, traveling, baking, and spending time with family. She spent last semester studying in Cape Town, South Africa.

Morgan Mclinden

Morgan majored in Psychology and Marketing. She is currently most interested in consumer psychology and social marketing. Specifically, she would like to understand how media and advertising affect consumers’ emotions and decision-making. After graduation, she would like to gain some experience working for a few years then go to grad school for market research. In her free time, she enjoys reading, going on vacation with her family, golfing, and going to movies.

Charlotta Bergh

Charlotta is an exchange student from Umeå University in Sweden who studied at UW-Madison. She is majoring in Psychology at a Master’s level in Sweden. She is interested in learning more about how we perceive others from a cognitive and social perspective. After graduating she is going to do one year of supervised clinical training in order to get her license as a clinical psychologist (Ph.D is not required in Sweden), and after that she is hoping to pursue a Ph.D. in either forensic or social psychology. In her free time she enjoys exploring the city of Madison and meeting all the friendly people of Wisconsin, hiking and yoga. 

Kyle Sherman

Kyle graduated UW-Madison Spring 2015 with a degree in Psychology. His research interests focus on social psychology, primarily non-verbal behavior and how it connects to bigger picture concepts such as how individuals are perceived, interpersonal communication, leadership, group dynamics, etc. He plans on pursuing a PhD within the next couple years. He enjoys writing/playing music, adventuring outdoors, and traveling whenever he has free time.

Elisa Perez

Elisa majored in Psychology and Spanish.  She is interested in the role a person’s culture and ethnicity has in shaping the way they see the world and interact with others both inside their respective social groups and with others of differing backgrounds. After graduation, she plans to attend graduate school to study Industrial-Organization Psychology. In her free time, she enjoys reading, going to museums, and hanging out with friends.

Yannan Gao

Yannan majored in Psychology. She is interested in studying practical approaches to reducing prejudice in real life, and she wishes to study this topic from a cross-cultural perspective. She also wishes to learn about the different methodologies used in the field of social psychology. She is currently a grad student at the University of California Irvine. In her free time she likes to cook, read, and go running.

profileAshley Lee

Ashley majored in Psychology. She is interested in understanding social interactions that shape how people behave and think, and impact the quality of life. She wants to pursue a Ph.D in clinical psychology after graduation. She hopes to help individuals who may struggle with their psychological/mental problems but do not realize the sources of dysfunction can be sometimes treated with support. She loves watching movies, traveling, and discussing social issues with friends.

Leah Gilbertsen

Leah studied Psychology and Criminal Justice with plans to, eventually, advocate for youth as a juvenile court therapist. She is currently studying Marriage and Family Therapy at Fairfield University. She is personally interested in learning more about the salience of group identities. In her free time she enjoys the outdoors, writing, and cooking. 

Maham Hasan

Maham majored in Psychology and Philosophy. She has always been fascinated with different personalities; how they are shaped and influenced by our environment and major life events. She hopes to go to grad school to be able to do research within the realms of social psychology, and then engage with young impressionable minds as a college professor. In her free time, she loves writing for the daily cardinal, listening to classic rock music, traveling and experiencing new things.

hannabHanna Brostowitz

Hanna majored in Psychology and Elementary Education with a minor in ESL and a certificate in leadership. As a future teacher, she is interested in how educational institutions shape students’ behaviors and thoughts towards others. After graduation, Hanna hopes to jump right into teaching abroad while attaining her Master’s degree. In her very little free time, Hanna loves volunteering at a local middle school, as well as binge watching her favorite shows on Netflix and taking long afternoon naps.

AaronAaron Irving

Aaron majored in Psychology and earned a certificate in Health Care Management. He is interested in emotional intelligence and how being part of a social group plays a role in decision making. He is pursuing a masters in Social Work at the University of Texas. In his free time he likes to play sports, travel and watch TV.

AustinAustin Jasniewski

Austin majored in Psychology. He plans on going to med school and practice psychiatry. He is interested in studying norm formation and people’s reactions to norm transgressions. In his free time he likes to read and play video games. He also likes to go camping.

Lydia (Harim) Ahn

Lydia majored in Psychology and Communication Arts. She is interested in the effects of social behaviors of various cultures and how they are shaped. She now attending graduate school at the University of Pennsylvania.

IMG_5592Julia Honoroff

Julia majored in Psychology.  She was accepted into Northwestern’s Human Development and Social Policy doctoral program. In her free time, she likes reading, dancing, and being outdoors.

TaylerTayler Nowak

Tayler majored in Psychology. She is interested in learning about consumer psychology and using the field of psychology to promote prosocial behavior. After graduation, she hopes to attend graduate school and further her learning on consumer psychology.

devonnaDevonna Jackson

Devonna majored in Psychology, with a certificate in Gender and Women Studies. She is interested in looking at representations and indicators of prejudice in our daily lived experience. Her future goal is to go onto graduate school and obtain a degree in Clinical Psychology with a specialization in Forensic Psychology.

rachelRachel Mooney

Rachel worked in the lab from Fall of 2012 to Winter of 2013. She received her BA in Psychology with a certificate in LGBT Studies.


HannahFrazeeHannah Frazee

Hannah majored in Psychology and Com Arts. She is interested in how media psychologically effects us and how psychology could potentially benefit what is shown in the media. Hannah obtained her MBA and now works with a talent agency in LA.

TimTimothy Neis

Tim majored in Psychology at UW-Madison. He is interested in free will, and how our beliefs about free will can affect behavior. Tim is considering pursuing a PhD in social psychology.

MollyMolly Yoder

Molly majored in Psychology and Political Science. She is interested in how group membership affects political decisions. Molly would like to go to graduate or law school after graduation.