Research Assistants

In alphabetical order

Abdullah Marei

Abdullah is a senior majoring in Psychology. He is interested in clinical and social psychology and hopes to attain a PhD in clinical psychology after graduation. He is interested in studying how intergroup behaviors are influenced by factors such as descriptive norms and how that could lead to different interpersonal interactions. On campus, Abdullah is involved in the NAMI club and volunteers in the GUTS program. In the future, Abdullah wants to return to the Middle East with his education in order to destroy the stigma around mental illnesses and normalize seeking treatment through practicing psychotherapy in his private clinic there, publishing a book and starting an Arabic talk show about mental health. In his free time, he loves meditating and playing the piano.

Anna Shaul

Anna is a senior majoring in Psychology with a certificate in Global Health. She is interested in a variety of topics including prison reentry, deep brain stimulation treatment for autoimmune diseases, and emotion regulation strategies. Outside of psychology, her professional interests include improving healthcare access and reproductive health and managing communicable and non-communicable diseases.  After graduation, she hopes to work in different areas of interest to me before deciding on a grad school tract with a focus on either Psychology or Public Health. During my free time, she enjoys traveling, hiking, and spending time with friends.

Carlos Sodi Aliseda

Carlos is a Sophomore majoring in Political Science and Government with a certificate in Public Policy. He is interested in policy analysis and decision-making, particularly when it comes to foreign policy, immigration, and security, and how these fields both effect and are impacted by the public. After graduation, he hopes to get a Master’s degree in Public Policy and either go back into academia or consulting. On campus, Carlos is involved with Amnesty International and Model United Nations. In his free time, Carlos enjoys reading, languages, video games, going out for boba tea, and hanging out with his friends.

Cassie Liu

Cassie is a junior majoring in Educational Studies and Sociology. She is interested in many psychology-related topics, especially developmental and social psychology. She wants to learn more about the developmental processes of human perception, thinking, memory, and other cognitive abilities, and to explore the connections between human cognitive processes and certain social phenomena. After college, she will pursue a graduate degree and work as a teacher or researcher in the future. Apart from academics and research, Cassie assists with local elementary and middle school activities as a volunteer. For fun, Cassie enjoys traveling alone, going to concerts, and trying new things.

Claire Salmi

Claire is a senior double majoring in Psychology and Political Science. She is interested in a range of topics including group norms, social and political affiliation, mental health, and how to motivate environmentally-friendly practices. She hosts the Political Science department’s podcast, “1050 Bascom,” and plays the cello in the UW Symphony. Off campus, she also interns for a congressperson. In her free time, Claire enjoys attending music shows of all kinds, being outside, trying new foods, making art, and dog watching at Madison parks.

Christine Lin

Christine is a senior majoring in Psychology and Consumer Behavior and Marketplace Studies.  She is interested in understanding how humans perceive information and form attitudes under the influence of social groups. She is a project leader of the Chinese Psychelogos, a psychology-focused academic club on campus. In her free time, Christine enjoys watching movies, hiking, and hanging out with friends.

Haile Jiang

Haile Jiang is a senior majoring in Psychology and Legal Study with a certificate in Photography. He is interested in the thoughts and behaviors of individuals when grouped together and how social context can change people’s beliefs, behaviors, and attitudes. He is also interested in clinical psychology and plans on going to grad school to pursue his Ph.D. He is the president of the Chinese Psychelogos, the only Chinese psychology club on campus. In his free time, Haile enjoys playing with his sweet Pitbull, watching movies, and eating six meals a day. He trains six days a week and hopes to become a professional bodybuilder in the future.

Ian Burton

Ian is a sophomore majoring in Psychology with certificates in German Language Studies and East Asian Studies. He is interested in social psychology, specifically in how people view their own conformity and how people view their intergroup and intragroup relationships based on how they identify. He is also interested in positive psychology, such as how mindfulness practices can be applied to and strengthen identity within people who struggle to identify with groups. Outside of the lab, he is the Communications Chair for Psychology Club. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with friends, reading, writing, hiking, listening to music, and watching TV.

Jassia Ahmad

Jassia is a senior majoring in Psychology with a certificate in Disability Rights and Services. She is interested in clinical and social psychology and plans on going to grad school to pursue either clinical or social psychology. Additionally, she is interested in how intersectionality plays a role in one’s interpersonal and intrapersonal relationships. Jassia is also a board member for the UW Madison Campus Chapter of Habitat for Humanity. In her free time, Jassia enjoys going on jogs, cooking, journaling, and spending time with friends.

Lindsay Edwards

Lindsay is a senior double majoring in Psychology and Human Development and Family Studies. She plans on attending graduate school to pursue social work, clinical psychology, or counseling psychology. Lindsay is interested in social and clinical psychology, specifically how mental health stigmas impact individuals living with mental disorders. On campus, Lindsay is involved in Psi Chi, the International Honor Society in Psychology, and Phi U, the National Honor Society in Family and Consumer Sciences. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with friends and family, being outdoors, watching movies, and discovering new restaurants.

Madeleine Paradis

Madeleine is a junior double majoring in Psychology and Social Welfare with a certificate in Consulting. She is interested in how organizational culture impacts employee retention for those belonging to various marginalized groups, and how the intersectionality of social identities plays a role, implicitly and explicitly, in organizational recruitment practices. She plans to attend graduate school for Industrial/Organizational psychology, with a focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion practices. She currently works on staff at PAVE-UW, a sexual violence prevention and survivor support organization on campus, and is involved in Psi Chi and Students for Social Welfare. In her free time, she enjoys reading, painting, and playing guitar.

Max Bross

Max is a junior majoring in Psychology with certificates in Business and Entrepreneurship. He has an interest in what makes people “tick” and different from one another, thus explaining his choice in pursuing Psychology. He is interested in going to law school and exploring a career in criminal law. Through law school, he hopes to apply his background in psychology to cases centered around the mental health of the accused (NGRI cases). Outside of school, Max loves music and sports. He enjoys playing guitar, going to the gym, and watching his New York teams lose in every sport imaginable.


Miranda Gibbons

Miranda is a junior majoring in Psychology with a certificate in LGBTQ+ studies. They are interested in counseling LGBTQ+ youth and young adults, as well as advocacy and educating others about LGBTQ+ people. After graduation, they plan on pursuing a Master’s degree and thus becoming a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC). In their free time, Miranda enjoys watching TV shows, listening to music, and traveling.

Natalie Bovin

Natalie is a junior studying Psychology and Neurobiology. She is interested in clinical and social psychology and is planning on going to medical school to receive her MD. She is interested in studying the effects of stigma on an individual with a mental disorder, and how certain people are motivated to exhibit specific behaviors that do not align with societal norms. When on campus, Natalie is involved in the NAMI campus chapter at UW and plans to get involved in the Psychology Club. In her free time, Natalie enjoys spending time outside, listening to music, and being with her friends.

Nick Guden

Nick is a UW Madison graduate with a bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology and has previous experience as an RA at the Center for Healthy Minds. He is interested in multiple topics including behavioral change, mindfulness-based practices for mental health and sustainability/environmental conservation practices. He hopes to gain further lab experience before pursuing further education in psychology research. Outside of research, Nick enjoys playing guitar and writing music, running, gardening, and camping.

Sabhyata Prakash

Sabhyata is a junior majoring in Psychology and Gender and Women studies with a certificate in LGBT studies. They are interested the intersection of queer theory and social psychology. They hope to go to graduate school for psychology. They enjoy cooking, baking and playing with their dog in their free time.  

Sarah Sprinkman

Sarah is a sophomore double majoring in International Studies and Spanish, with a concentration in Politics and Policy in the Global Economy. She is interested in a range of topics, including globalization, poverty and development; environmental conservation, and Latin American culture and politics. In the future, she plans on going to grad school to pursue a master’s degree in economics, public affairs, or sociology. On campus, Sarah is involved in Amnesty International at UW. In her free time, she enjoys gardening, traveling, and spending time with friends and family. 

Siena Keys

Siena is a freshman double majoring in Psychology and Neurobiology with a certificate in Sustainability. She is primarily interested in social psychology and positive psychology. Along with enjoying the self-improvement aspects of psychology, she is interested in how psychology overlaps with both the environment and the business world. She is a founding member of the UW-Madison chapter of MARRCH, a student organization that focuses on education and activism for reproductive justice and bodily autonomy. In her free time, she enjoys dancing, traveling, going to concerts, creating art, and spending time with friends and family.