Post-doctoral Research Associate Job Posting

Our lab is hiring a post-doctoral research associate to begin August 2023!

**As of 4/19/2023 we are no longer accepting applications for the position.

Dr. Markus Brauer ( seeks a post-doctoral research associate to become part of a research team studying cognitions about and behaviors directed toward members of other social and ethnic groups. The goal is to identify the factors that causally affect the quality of intergroup relations and to examine which of them can be leveraged in real world settings to reduce discrimination, promote inclusive behaviors, and enhance the sense of belonging of members of marginalized groups.

Dr. Markus Brauer is a full professor in the Department of Psychology and the Executive Director of the Institute for Diversity Science at the University of Wisconsin–Madison. He has secondary affiliations in the Wisconsin School of Business and the School of Medicine and Public Health. He studies a variety of prosocial behaviors, primarily in the domains of inclusion and sustainability. His conducts both basic research (e.g., identification of constructs that have a causal impact on the prosocial behaviors under consideration) and applied research (e.g., strategies to promote these behaviors in everyday life). He often uses a social marketing approach to design, implement, and test interventions aimed at changing specific behaviors.

The successful applicant will work with Dr. Brauer on a project entitled “Doctor-Patient Communication and Shared Decision Making with High-Risk Patients” that has been funded through the University of Wisconsin’s Understanding and Reducing Inequalities Initiative. More information can be found here: The project examines how to improve communication between white doctors and patients of color and how to build patients’ trust in their doctor.

The post-doctoral research associate position requires in-person presence in the lab. Remote work, at most 2 work days per week, can be negotiated but is by no means guaranteed.

Required qualifications:

  • Ph.D. in social psychology or related field
  • Strong experience with research design and experimental research
  • Excellent data management and analysis skills
  • Demonstrated publication record (published or submitted papers)

Desired qualifications:

  • Good organizational skills
  • Strong writing skills
  • Excellent communication skills (including with colleagues from other fields and non-academic partners)
  • Expertise in topics related to diversity science (e.g., discrimination, inclusive behaviors, intergroup relations, sense of belonging, achievement gap)
  • Experience mentoring graduate and undergraduate students in research
  • Familiarity with multi-level modeling
  • Experience implementing interventions in the field (e.g., monitoring implementation fidelity, problem solving, dealing with constraints imposed by the real world)
  • Demonstrated commitment to working successfully with a diverse student population, including first-generation college students
  • Experience with outreach (e.g., web page, academic twitter, podcasts, op-eds, talks to non-specialized audiences)

Application Materials:

  • One page cover letter that briefly addresses the required and desired qualifications; the letter should contain a short statement saying that the applicant intends to move to the Madison area if they are chosen for the position
  • Curriculum vitae (including list of publications)
  • Statement of interest (max. two pages single-spaced font size 12); the statement should contain 1 paragraph explaining how the candidate will help the Lab and the Department work toward their diversity goals
  • Names and contact information for two references
  • Up to two representative publications or writing samples

Application Deadline:

Applications will be considered on a rolling basis, but Dr. Brauer will start reviewing applications on March 27 and hopes to select candidates for interviews soon thereafter.

Appointment terms:

The appointment is for 12 months. The official start date is August 1, 2023. Note however that many of the terms are negotiable. If the candidate prefers, the appointment can be shortened to 11 months and/or the start date can be pushed back to August 15 or September 1, 2023.

Work environment:

The lab: The Brauer Group Lab consists of four graduate students, one lab manager, approximately 16 undergraduate research assistants, and Dr. Markus Brauer. All lab members make an effort to create a positive workplace climate where individuals from all backgrounds feel welcome and included. Web page:

The department: The Psychology department at the University of Wisconsin-Madison consists of 32 faculty members, 9 post-docs, and around 100 graduate students. It frequently ranks first among psychology departments at public universities in terms of grant funding per faculty member. Web page:

The university: The University of Wisconsin-Madison is a public university that provides training to 48,000 undergraduate and graduate students. It is a land-grant university and a Big 10 school. Web page:

Madison, WI: Madison is a vibrant city with an urban population of 400,000. It is often considered to be one of the best places to live in the US (see for example this ranking).

Web page:

To Apply:

Please email all application materials (see list above) to and include “Post-Doc Application” in the subject line.