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Although I find meaning in classroom teaching, in many ways, collaborating, learning from, and mentoring others brings a different type of joy and satisfaction.  I have been fortunate to mentor a lot of very talented people.  It’s especially gratifying to see how well they’ve fared, and to have had a role in their scholarly development!  

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Here are a few examples from the post-docs, graduate students, and undergraduates with whom I’ve had the pleasure and honor of working:

Graduate Students and Postdocs

Kathleen A. Tallent, Ph.D., Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Adjunct Professor  (pictured, above)

Jacqueline G. Braun, Ph.D.,Professor, Ramapo College

Hyejeen Lee, Ph.D. Postdoctoral Fellow, Yonsei University, Korea

Undergraduate Students

Meghan D. Miller Fondow,  (Ph.D., Health Psychologist)

Christie W. Matts (M.S.W., University of Minnesota)

Jessica A. Studer (M.D., University of Minnesota)

Christian S. Hendershot (Ph.D., Assistant Professor, University of Toronto)

Jeanette Hegyi Osborn (B.A., Manager of Utilization Review, major hospital)

Leena Mohapatra (Ph.D., Pediatric Neuropsychologist)

Elizabeth A. Rollmann (M.D., Mayo Hospital & Clinics)

Jordan Soyka (M.FA., Creative Writing)

Noel T. Howlett (M.S., UW-Madison, Educational Policy Studies)


In satisfying jobs! Making a difference! On their way!

 Yuan-fen (Eric) Kuo (M.S., Microsoft)

Coty Roberts (Match support specialist, Big Brothers Big Sisters)

Andrew Schilcher (Teach for America)

Brad Hirt (Chef)

Randall Merritt (Insurance)

Kim Kinnear (Mental health worker, Psychiatric intake coordinator)

Spencer Duehr (Residential Care technician, Psychiatric institution)

Emily White (Advertising & public relations)

Monica White (Mental health worker, Psychiatric treatment center)

Hannah J. White (Graduate student in Genetics, UCSF)

Rebecca Foelker (Graduate student in Physical Therapy)

Carly Thanhouser (graduate student in Analytics in Behavioral & Social Sciences, Univ. of Chicago)

Kelsey March (Mental health specialist, major hospital)

Morgan Beilke (Mental health worker, Psychiatric institution)

Alissa Pfeiffer (Digital marketing assistant)

Maureen Daly (Clinical Ph.D. candidate, CUNY; Fellow, Harvard Medical School)

Tola Oyesana (Medical student, Univ. of Michigan Medical School)

Joel Peterman (M.A., Clinical Graduate student, Vanderbilt Univ.)

Craig Marquardt (Clinical Graduate student, Univ. of MN)

Derek M. Novacek, (Clinical Graduate student, Emory)

Madeline Johnson Pflum (M.S., Clinical Graduate student, UW-Madison)


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