A mother rhesus monkey holding her

Harlow Center for Biological Psychology

Department of Psychology
University of Wisconsin-Madison
22 North Charter Street

Madison, WI 53715-2613

Phone: (608) 263-3550
Fax: (608) 262-6020


Director: Dr. Christopher Coe

The Harlow Center for Biological Psychology is located on the campus of the University of Wisconsin-Madison. It is administered through the Department of Psychology and has long been home to internationally recognized research on behavioral and developmental psychology. The Harlow Center is affiliated with, but independent from, the adjacent Wisconsin Primate Research Center.


Mission Statement

To improve our understanding of infant development and the biological basis of behavior in order to promote health and psychological well being across the life span.


Specific Objectives

  • To maintain a healthy and productive nonhuman primate colony in order to facilitate psychological and biomedical research at the University of Wisconsin.
  • To evaluate and apply modern animal husbandry techniques to ensure the optimal care of rhesus monkeys involved in our breeding and research projects.
  • To investigate the relationship between physiological processes and behavior, especially the neurobiological substrate of cognition, sensory perception, and emotions.
  • To determine the influence of genetic, prenatal, and environmental factors on the maturation of immune responses in the young infant.
  • To assess the effect of environmental factors and life style, such as alcohol consumption, on the development and functioning of the brain, especially with respect to psychological and learning capabilities.
  • To ascertain the influence of nutritional factors on pregnancy and infant development, especially with regard to iron deficiency anemia.



The Harlow Center is located on the corner of Charter Street and Capitol Court, one block north of Regent Street. On the map of the UW-Madison campus, it is building number 97 in Area 5.


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