Psychology Board of Visitors

The Department of Psychology’s Board of Visitors is a group of alumni and friends who support, advise, and advocate for the psychology department. The general purpose of the Board of Visitors is to assist the psychology department in remaining in the top tier of departments in the country.

The Board’s mission is to:

  • advise the department on ways of increasing awareness of the department’s achievements among alumni, students, friends, peers, and the general public;
  • assist the department and the UW Foundation in fundraising for needs that are not met by general purpose revenue;
  • advocate for the department with the College of Letters and Science and the UW Administration as requested by the department;
  • advise the department on other relevant matters, as defined and requested by the department.

Fostering greater communication and cooperation, the Board forms a vital bridge between past and present students, between faculty and alumni, and between the University and the larger communities of state, region, and nation in an interconnected, globalized world. Board members’ expertise and commitment are valuable human resources for the department’s renewal and growth.

We are alumni of one of the preeminent psychology departments in the country. With your support we can maintain that position and ensure our students obtain the education they want and need.

Michael Asher

Graduate Student Representative

Sidney Dobbins

Undergraduate Student Representative

John Dolan

Global Account Director


Lauren Duxstad


Winston and Strawn LLPBA

Tamar Kelber


Gass Weber Mullins

Joseph Kemnitz

Professor Emeritus

University of Wisconsin–Madison

Andrea Konz

Adjunct Professor - UW Madison Consultant - Konz Consulting

A. John McSweeny

Professor Emeritus

University of Toledo

Amanda Riek


Lagmann, Inc.

Ila S. Rothschild


Joint Commission on Accreditation

Sigmund (Sig) Sattenspiel


Sattenspiel Surgical Arts Pavilion

Peter Shapiro

Vice President, Advanced Analytics & Consulting


Charles (Chuck) Snowdon

Professor Emeritus

Department of Psychology

Steve Suomi

Chief of the Laboratory of Comparative Ethology

National Institute of Child Health and Human Development

Linda Vakunta

Deputy Mayor

City of Madison

Ann Vertovec


Lake Forest Hospital

Dave Weiner


Marketing Support, Inc.

Caitlin Ziegler

Mental Health Therapist

On Purpose Psyche