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  • Championing Mental Health Awareness on Campus and in Community

    Professor Diane Carol Gooding’s interest interest in addressing mental health goes beyond the classroom, evidenced by her decades-long involvement with the National Alliance on Mental Illness. In her current role as vice president of the NAMI-Dane County Board, she works to break down barriers and stigmas surrounding mental illness, increase mental health literacy, and help people find access to mental health treatment. “Some of the biggest obstacles to accessing mental health treatment are that people don’t always recognize when they need it, and [don’t see] that they’re deserving of help.”

  • Children Develop Racial Biases As Early As Preschool– Can Parents Help Reduce These Biases?

    PThat’s what graduate student Katharine Scott wants to find out. When she started her PhD program in 2015, working in both Kristin Shutts’s Social Kids Lab and Patricia Devine’s Prejudice and Intergroup Relations Lab, Scott’s research led to a discovery of the multitude of forces leading to the creation and perpetuation of children’s biases.


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