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  • Researchers collaborate by writing on a window in a hallway

    New Master’s Degree in Data Science in Human Behavior

    Industry, government, and non-profit sectors are increasingly seeking employees who are knowledgeable about human behavior but also have the analytical skills to solve applied problems. The new master’s program in Data Science in Human Behavior will provide students with applied data-science skills that will make them even more competitive on the job market while meeting a large demand in the marketplace.

  • Dr. Kate Walsh looks at the camera in the middle of working out ideas on a whiteboard

    Students Who Suffer Sexual Assault Will Receive More Help

    Thanks to a U.S. Department of Justice grant secured by psychology professor Kate Walsh, students who suffer a sexual assault will be able to visit a nurse examiner on campus and receive help from a victim’s advocate.

    “We hope these two things together help increase access and make them feel more supported through the whole process,” said Walsh.

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