Diversity-Related Research

Brauer Group Lab
Professor: Markus Brauer
Keywords: Prejudice, discrimination, diversity, inclusive behaviors

Stereotyping and Bias Research Lab
Professor: William T. L. Cox
Keywords: Prejudice, stereotypes, diversity, interracial interactions, bias

Prejudice and Intergroup Relations Lab
Professor: Patricia G. Devine
Keywords: Prejudice, stereotypes, diversity, interracial interactions

The Gernsbacher Lab
Professor: Morton Ann Gernsbacher
Keywords: Disability, inclusion, neural diversity, equality

The Harackiewicz Lab
Professor: Judith M. Harackiewicz
Keywords: Motivation, achievement gap, social class

The Wisconsin Study of Families and Work
Professor: Janet Hyde
Keywords: Gender, social class, sexual orientation

Niedenthal Emotion Lab
Professor: Paula Niedenthal
Keywords: Emotion, culture, nonverbal behavior

Social Kids Lab
Professor: Kristin Shutts
Keywords: Social cognitive development, attitudes and stereotypes, social and cultural learning