Charles Snowdon

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Professor Emeritus
510 Psychology
(608) 262-3974
Alternate Phone
(608) 262-1040
Ph.D. 1968, University of Pennsylvania
Charlse Snowdon is a Hilldale Professor of Psychology and Zoology

Research Interests

My research interests have been focused on communication, cooperation, behavioral endocrinology and social behavior in cooperatively breeding primates (which also include humans). Since my primate lab closed, I have been interested in applying research results from tamarins and marmosets to humans doing research on mate choice and hormonal aspects of couple's relationships. I am also interested in how music affects animals and in the evolution of music. I am also interested in how cooperative breeding fosters the cognitive skills underlying cooperative behavior more generally and how this may have led to the evolution of cooperation in humans.

Representative Publications

Snowdon, C. T., Ziegler, T.E., Schultz-Darken, N. J. & Ferris, C. F. (2006) Social odours, sexual arousal and pairbonding in primates. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society, London. 361: 2079-2089 [PDF]

Snowdon, C. T. & Ziegler, T. E. (2007) Growing up cooperatively: Family processes and infant development in marmosets and tamarins. Journal of Developmental Processes 2: 40-66. [PDF]

Snowdon, C. T. (2009) Plasticity of communication in nonhuman primates. Advances in the Study of Behavior, 40, 239-276. [PDF]

Snowdon, C. T. & Teie, D. (2010) Affective responses in tamarins elicited by species-specific music, Biology Letters,6, 30-32. [PDF]

Snowdon, C. T., Pieper, B. A, Boe, C. Y., Cronin, K. A. Kurian, A. V. & Ziegler, T. E. (2010) Variation in oxytocin levels is associated with variation in affiliative behavior in monogamous pairbonded tamarins, Hormones and Behavior, 58, 614-618. [PDF]

Snowdon, C. T. and Teie, D. (2013) Emotional communication in monkeys: Music to their ears? Pp. 133-151. In E. Altenmüller, S. Schmidt and E. Zimmermann (eds.) Evolution of Emotional Communication: From Sounds in Nonhuman Mammals to Speech and Music in Man, Oxford, Oxford University Press. [PDF]

Snowdon, C. T. (2013). The accidental primatologist: Encounters with pygmy marmosets and cotton-top tamarins, Pp. 70-80. In K. B. Strier (ed.) Primate Ethnographies, Pearson Publishers. [PDF]