University of Wisconsin–Madison

Advisor-Advisee Meetings

Below is the annual schedule of committee meetings that must be held to stay in good academic standing with the department.

Year 1: 


1.  Meet with mentor only completing the First Year Fall Meeting form (turn in to Kevin).

2. Complete the Ideal Curriculum Form (turn in to Kevin).

3.  Complete the Mentoring Committee form (turn in to Kevin).  Most likely the same as your First Year Project Committee.

4.  Review the Mentor-Mentee Compact.  The Mentor-Mentee Compact should NOT be signed or turned in.


1. Meet with your First Year Project/Mentoring committee to evaluate your project and your progress in the department thus far.  Complete the FYP Spring Meeting form at this meeting.

2.  Complete the Annual Progress Report with your mentor only.

Year 2:  


1.  Meet with FYP Committee to evaluate the recently completed First Year Project and discuss any relevant training items (e.g. courses for Year 2 or Year 3; discuss prelim plans, etc.).

2.  This meeting can serve as your annual Mentoring Committee meeting.

3.  Complete the FYP Defense Meeting Form (turned in to Kevin).


No Meetings required unless progress discussion does not occur during FYP defense.

Subsequent Years:  The Mentoring Committee will meet annually in either fall or spring (you and your advisor decide what works best).  A Progress Report must be signed and turned in to Kevin after each meeting.

Progress Report (Faculty Version)
Progress Report (Student Version)

Additional Meetings and Forms:  Upon completion of the FYP and accumulation of 30 credits, you are eligible to receive your Masters degree.  A warrant must be ordered from the Grad School by Kevin, signed by your FYP Committee and returned to Kevin.