Graduate Student Rights

The Department of Psychology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison is strongly committed to creating a positive and safe working environment.  The University and Department of Psychology view harassment in any form as unacceptable. Harassment includes, but is not limited to, sexual misconduct, academic bullying, and emotional abuse.  Graduate students should be aware that they have rights that empower them to address hostile situations, should they occur.  Although speaking up about an uncomfortable situation can be difficult, we cannot help if we are unaware of an adverse situation.

If you are a victim of harassment/assault, we encourage you to contact either the Director of Graduate Studies, Department Chair or any trusted faculty member.  In cases of sexual harassment/assault, Dr. Linnea Burk, is the department’s Title IX representative (Clinical Assistant Professor and Director, Psychology Research and Training Clinic, Room 315 Psychology, 262-9079;  You should be aware that faculty are required by law to report first-hand knowledge or disclosure of sexual assault. If you wish to discuss sexual misconduct or anything else in a confidential manner, a list of services who are legally required to maintain confidentiality in most cases is available at: Other resources include UW-Madison Title IX representative:  (608) 890-3788. The Ombuds office (, provides confidential, impartial, informal, and independent resource to collaboratively explore and consider your options and resources available to you.  This office has no mandatory requirement to report sexual harassment and is there solely to support individuals with complaints, including sexual harassment, in full confidentiality.

Concerns about climate or bias

If you have concerns about climate or bias in the Department, you may contact the Chair of the Psychology Department Climate & Diversity Committee, Cathy Marler ( You may also contact the Department Chair or the Associate Chair for Graduate Studies. In addition to reporting your concerns at the department level, you may also use the University’s bias incident reporting system (