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Jeffrey B. Henriques
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Senior Lecturer

Ph.D. 1998, University of Wisconsin


H6/260 Clinical Science Center
423 Psychology
Email: jhenriqu@wisc.edu
Phone: (608) 262-7709 (CSC)
(608) 262-4948 (Psychology)
Fax: (608) 262-4029

Recent Work
Teaching Resources

Courses Taught:  

Psych 202 - Introduction to Psychology
Psych 411 - Mood Disorders
Psych 511 - Behavior Pathology, Neuroses


Awards and Honors:

2007 DoIT Engage Clickers Award
2006 DoIT Engage Podcasting Award
2005 2005-06 Wisconsin Teaching Fellow
2004  Letters & Science Academic Staff Early Career Award, University of Wisconsin-Madison
2004  Outstanding Parent Award, Wisconsin Association for Talented and Gifted
2004  IN TIME Award, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Learning Support Services
2002 Fellow, U.W. Teaching Academy

Recent Publications:
  • Aekwarangkoon, S., Oakley, L. D., Suttharangsee, W., Assanangkornchai, S., Boonyasopun, U, & Henriques, J. (2006). Effectiveness of brief cognitive-support treatment in mild to moderate depressed Thai adolescent students. Thai Journal of Nursing Research, 10, 288-301.
  • Pizzagalli, D. A., Sherwood, R. J., Henriques, J. B., & Davidson, R. J. (2005). Frontal brain asymmetry and reward responsiveness: A source localization study. Psychological Science, 16, 805-813.
  • Pridham, K., Brown, R., Clark, R., Limbo, R. K., Schneider, M, Henriques, J., & Bohne, E. (2005). Effect of guided participation on feeding competencies of mothers and their premature infants. Research in Nursing and Health, 28, 252-267.
Recent Presentations:
  • Henriques, J. B. (2007, August). Podcasts: Student preferences and performance. presented at the 23rd annual Conference on Distance Teaching and Learning, Madison, Wisconsin.
  • Henriques, J. B., Baiu, I., & Sehgal, N. (2005, May). Classroom response systems foster increased learning. presented at the 12th annual APS-STP Teaching Institute, Los Angeles, California.
  • Henriques, J. B. (2005, May). Survey says...using a personal response system to enhance student learning. presented at the 2005 Teaching & Learning Symposium, Madison, Wisconsin.

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