Index of Handouts for doing Analysis of Variance in Psychology,
 Plus some Multiple Regression, Exploratory Factor Analysis, Principal Components, and Quantile Regression
prepared by Prof Colleen F. Moore
(with help from Mike Amato). These handouts were originally intended for Psychology 610, University of Wisconsin--Madison, but outsiders are welcome to use them for educational and non-profit purposes only.
         The handouts nicely accompany Keppel & Wickens, Design and Analysis: A Researcher's Handbook (4th Ed.), Pearson/Prentice Hall.          Thanks to all the R developers, and to all those who have posted their own instructional materials on the web. 
    Also, adding Linear Regression handouts.

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         Handout title                                                                                                                                    Data sets
R-1 One Way Between Groups
HO#3 data.xls               
R-1A "Make Friends" with your data

R-1-Regression (with missing data)
R-2  Contrasts for One Way Between

R-3 Post-hoc tests for One Way Between

R-4 Two Way Between, includes simple effects
Keppel11.8TwoWay data
R-4A Two Way Between extras, including some graph methods

R-5 Two Way Between Groups Contrasts, including polynomial trend

R-5r Two Way Betw Groups in Regression: dummy, effect, Helmert and polynomial codes, compare coeff to anova results  Data for R-5r (excel with multiple worksheets)
R-5Ar Interactions and Simple Slopes in Regression Uses R-5r data
R-6 Three Way Between
Keppelp466 data
R-7 Nested factors, in Between Group Designs (no quasi-F's)
HO#23 Part 1   Part 2
R-8 One Way Repeated Measures (within-participant)
Myers OneWayWithin
R-8A One Way Repeated Measures as Regression  handout in text
R-9 Two Way Repeated Measures
HO#24 data

R-10 Repeated Measures with replications -- not quite done

R-11 Mixed Designs (one factor between groups, one factor repeated measures)
Keppel p. 806 data
R-12 Unbalanced Between Groups Designs
Uneq 2x2 data
R-13 Latin Square
Maxwell & Delaney p. 541 data

R-13A Suppressor variables in multiple regression suppressor data
R-14 Ancova in regression
Kirk p. 720 in excel

Kirk p. 720 in text with factor levels

Kirk p. 720 in text with helmert contrasts
R-15 Ancova/Regression part II (model comparisons, Type III SS)
R15 data in text
R-16 Logistic Regression
R16 data in text (thanks to Andrew Garfield)
R-20 Exploratory factor analysis and principal components

R 1Graphs -- Bar graphs with standard errors factorial design
R-2Graphs -- More graphs for factorial design. (Uses data here) data in excel
(has multiple worksheets)

To be added: Data handling, including bringing your data into R from SPSS.
  And more, as time permits...

R code for Quantile Regression (by Mike Amato)
(for SRCD poster 2015)
SAS code for Quantile Regression (by Sheryl Magzamen)
(for SRCD poster 2015)

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