New members join Board of Visitors

The Department of Psychology is delighted to welcome two new members to its Board of Visitors and congratulate current Board of Visitors member Andrea Konz on her election to Chair of the Board. 

Andrea Konz ’82

What she’s doing now: I am teaching the capstone course in Industrial and Organizational Psychology, serving as Chair of the Psychology Board of Visitors, continuing to advocate for the foster kids I was assigned to 3 years ago as a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) for Kids Matter in Milwaukee, planning a large group trip to Israel this March, working on a consulting project assessing the organizational culture of a university for a new president, and enjoying fall football games in Madison.

Why Psychology is important to her: As a field, Psychology has never been more relevant. Whether we are talking about helping people grapple with challenges in our society, or organizational changes triggered by the pandemic, or the impact of social media on how people feel about themselves. At UW in particular I see amazing faculty doing meaningful research, passionate students wanting to address the problems of their generation, and alumni willing to give of their time or money to support programs that help keep us one of the best psych programs in the country. 


Michelle Frazier ’94

What she’s doing now: I serve as the Chief Compliance Officer for Advocate Aurora Health, one of the nation’s top ten integrated health systems.  

Why Psychology is important to her: I’m fascinated by hearing people who have lived full lives reflect on what has been essential to their long-term wellbeing.  Their wisdom centers on a common theme – developing and maintaining healthy relationships.  They don’t focus on material items or professional achievements, but how they have been able to become a version of their best self and bring that self to others in their lives. This requires psychology. Psychology, which sheds light on human behavior, is important because it helps us understand why we act the way we do, how we can improve ourselves and ultimately how we can maintain wellbeing through our relationships with others.


Amanda Durik, PhD’03

What she’s doing now: I joined the psychology faculty at Northern Illinois University where I currently serve as department chair. My research examines the factors that influence motivation in achievement situations, with particular focus on how interests develop.  This includes how factors such as goals, prior knowledge, and contextual influences combine to move individuals toward exploration and learning.