Patricia G. Devine

Credentials: (she/her)

Position title: Kenneth and Mamie Clark Professor of Psychology


Phone: (608) 262-2815

411 Psychology

Research Area(s)
Social and Personality

Lab Website
Prejudice and Intergroup Relations Lab

Research Interests
I am interested in how people manage the intrapersonal and interpersonal challenges associated with prejudice in our contemporary society. One main focus for recent work focused on the sources of motivation, internal and external, for responding without prejudice and the unique challenges these alternate sources of motivation create for managing the interpersonal aspects of intergroup relations. Key questions concern the relation between explicit and implicit prejudice and the processes that regulate the use of stereotypes. In addition, I am interested in the qualitative nature of the tension between majority and minority group members that may create obstacles for harmonious intergroup relations, and which may, in some instances lead to an escalation of prejudice coupled with a tendency to lash out at stigmatized groups. I also have programs of research on dissonance-related phenomena and the processes involved in resisting persuasion.

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“Breaking the Prejudice Habit” APA Science Agenda
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“Teaching Excellence” Wisconsin State Journal
2011 SESP Award Tribute (from Dr. Banaji)

Representative Publications
Devine, P. G., Brodish, A. B., & Vance, S. L. (2005). Self-regulatory processes in interracial interactions. In J. P. Forgas, K. D. Williams, and S. M. Laham (Eds.), Social motivation: Conscious and unconscious processes (Sixth Sydney Symposium on Social Psychology) (pp. 249-273). Psychology Press, New York.

Amodio, D. M. & Devine, P. G. (2005). Changing prejudice: The effects of persuasion on implicit and explicit forms of race bias. In M. C. Green & T. C. Brock (Eds.), Persuasion: Psychological insights and perspectives (2nd ed, pp. 249-280). Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications.

Devine, P. G. (2005). Prejudice with and without compunction: Allport’s inner conflict revisited. In J. F. Dovidio, P. Glick, and L. A. Rudman, and (Eds). On the nature of prejudice: Fifty years after Allport.. (pp. 327- 342). Oxford: Blackwell Publishers.

Brodish, A. B., & Devine, P. G. (2005). The dynamics of prejudice, stereotyping, and intergroup relations: Intrapersonal and interpersonal processes, Social Psychological Review, 7, 54-70.

Amodio, D. M., Harmon-Jones, E., & Devine, P. G. (in press). Mechanisms for the regulation of intergroup responses: Insights from a social neuroscience approach. To appear in E. Harmon-Jones & P. Winkielman (Eds.), Fundamentals of Social Neuroscience. New York: Guilford.

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