Janet Hyde

Position title: Professor Emerit of Psychology and Gender & Women's Studies

Email: jshyde@wisc.edu

Phone: (608) 262-9522

410 Psychology

Research Area(s)
Social and Personality

Research Interest

Following decades of research on the psychology of women, human sexuality, and gender-role development, I have shifted my focus to the psychology of gun violence and what can be done about it. I am working on a book on the topic, and have become involved in grassroots organizations, to learn about how people in the real world think about these issues. My research on the psychology of gender is highly relevant because toxic masculinity is one of the driving forces in gun violence. At the heart of my approach is a synthesis of social, developmental, and clinical psychology. I am dedicated to ascertaining how psychology can be applied to solving this very real-world problem.

Representatives Publications (from more than 200)

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Class and Research Information

Syllabus for Psych/GWS 522, Psychology of Women and Gender
Syllabus for Psych/Soc 453, Human Sexuality
Feminist Identity Development Scale (FIDS)
Vita Hyde