Janet Hyde

Position title: Professor Emerit of Psychology and Gender & Women's Studies

Email: jshyde@wisc.edu

Phone: (608) 262-9522

410 Psychology

Research Area(s)
Social and Personality

Research Interest
My research focuses on the area of psychology women, human sexuality, and gender-role development. One program of research has involved conducting meta-analyses of research on psychological gender differences and other gender-related issues. Examples include meta-analyses of gender differences in depression and gender differences in mathematics performance. Early meta-analyses led me to the publication of the Gender Similarities Hypothesis in 2005 (American Psychologist). Another program of research has been the Wisconsin Study of Families and Work, a longitudinal study that collected data on more than 500 families from pregnancy with a child through the year when the child reached age 20.

Representatives Publications (from more than 200)

Hyde, J. S., Bigler, R., Joel, D., Tate, C. C., & van Anders, S. (2019). The future of sex and gender in psychology: Five challenges to the gender binary. American Psychologist, 74, 171-193.

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Class and Research Information

Syllabus for Psych/GWS 522, Psychology of Women and Gender
Syllabus for Psych/Soc 453, Human Sexuality
Feminist Identity Development Scale (FIDS)
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