Brent Ritchie

Financial Specialist

(608) 262-3168

218 Psychology

– Purchasing Card,aka p-card(policies, statements, receipts, log, etc)
– Purchasing policies
– Purchasing supplies, books, furniture and random stuff for labs via DoIT, MDS, SWAP, Amazon, etc.
– Fleet (Car Rental)
– E-Reimbursement software
– Travel Policies and Inquiries (meal per diems, lodging Maximus, etc)
– External Work Orders and Internal Work Orders
– Processes Internal Awards and Budgets
– Payments to people or vendors (PIR’s or DP’s)
– Human Subject Policies and Payments (Custodian Funds)
– Travel Policies
– Financial Awards and Grant Balances
– If you want to purchase lab, office supplies or software (DoIT, MDS, Amazon, etc)
– Non-Salary Cost Transfers
– Computer Purchase Justifications using Federal and Non-Federal funds
– Foundation Funds