Selamawit Zewdie

Position title: Sustainability Organizational Psychologist

Alamo Navajo Health Center

Selamawit (Selam) Zewdie, PhD, is a Sustainability Organizational Psychologist at the Alamo Navajo Health Center. As a psychology student at UW-Madison, Selam was an Undergraduate Research Scholar and a McNair Scholar. Selam went on to study Industrial/Organizational Psychology for her Master’s degree and interned as a Leadership Researcher at Korn Ferry International developing leadership psychometric assessments. Following that, Selam came back to UW-Madison to study Sustainability as it applies to Organizational Psychology for her PhD at the Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies.

“As a Sustainability Organizational Psychologist, I use whole systems thinking to build integrated and flourishing programs for an organization, the people that work in the organization, and the community the organization serves. I am grateful to have honed my skills in Sustainability and Psychology at UW-Madison.”