Undergraduate Awards and Scholarships

The Psychology Department has several awards available for undergraduate students made possible through generous gifts from alumni and friends. A committee of Psychology faculty and staff will review applications and select the successful candidates. Detailed information, including applications and deadlines, can be found at the Wisconsin Scholarship Hub (WiSH)

Department Application-Based Awards:

Arlene R. Davenport Award (Fall Application)
Undergraduate Thesis Award (Fall Application)
Undergraduate Travel Award (Fall and Spring Applications)

Department Nomination-Based Awards:
Students cannot apply for these awards directly. Rather, faculty nominate or select them for the awards.

Bryan’s Aspiring Psychology Student Award
Outstanding Undergraduate Research Scholar Award
Robert R. Glushko Outstanding Undergraduate Cognitive Science Prize
Undergraduate Serendipity Award

Please address all questions concerning these awards to ugawards@psych.wisc.edu

Other Available Awards:

The Undergraduate Academic Awards Office oversees a number of campus-wide scholarships. If you are interested in one of these awards it will be important to look into the award criteria and application process early. In depth information can be found on the Undergraduate Academic Awards Office website.  

The Honors program offers many awards for students in the Honors program (either Honors in the major or Honors in Liberal Arts). These awards provide excellent funding for students as they work through their undergraduate studies. Some awards are geared towards research while others focus on other aspects of a student’s college career. More information on all of these awards can be found on the L&S Honors program website.

Juniors and seniors in the College of Letters and Science are also eligible for many awards. In general, the criteria for these awards include at least two of the following: academic merit, creative accomplishment, financial need, diversity of background, unusual force of character, and community service. The most up-to-date information and application materials for these awards can be found at the Wisconsin Scholarship Hub (WiSH)