Drop-in Hours

*Spring 2020 Drop-in Hours are Suspended until Further Notice*

—Additional instructions for drop-in advising—

Advisors are now located in the Advising Suite – room 438 Psychology. Students should wait in the waiting area, room 438F.  Please write your name on the white board, fill out a drop-in sheet, and wait for the next available Advisor.

Drop-in hours are on a first-come, first-served basis. Each student will be allotted 10 minutes for a drop-in session.

NOTE: Drop-in hours are for current UW-Madison students interested in, or intending to pursue, a psychology major OR for declared psychology majors with brief advising needs.

* Would you like to declare the Psychology major?  See the REQUIREMENTS section.

** Drop-in hours are subject to change. When changes are made to the schedule, students will be notified via our listserv. If you would like to be added to the Psychology major listserv for these and other announcements, please send a blank email to: join-psych_majors@lists.wisc.edu.