Kristin Shutts


(608) 265-8949

418 Psychology

Research Area(s)
Cognition and Cognitive Neuroscience
Social and Personality

Lab Website
Social Kids Lab

Research Interest
I study social cognitive development. I am particularly interested in the development of social categories and intergroup bias in infancy and early childhood. Which social distinctions matter most to children, why, and how does this change over development and a result of immersion in a particular culture? What mechanisms support the development of social categories and preferences, and what are the cognitive and affective consequences of children’s earliest social category formation?

Representative Publications
Brey, E.L., & Shutts, K. (2015). Children use nonverbal cues to make inferences about social power. Child Development, 86, 276-286.

Horwitz, S.R., Shutts, K., & Olson, K.R. (2014). Social class differences produce social group preferences. Developmental Science, 17, 991-1002.

Shutts, K., Roben, C.K.P., & Spelke, E.S. (2013). Children’s use of social categories in thinking about people and social relationships. Journal of Cognition and Development, 14, 35-62.

Shutts, K., & Kinzler, K.D., & DeJesus, J. (2013). Understanding infants’ and children’s social learning about foods: Previous research and new prospects. Developmental Psychology, 49, 419-425.